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a note from Ellie

“Hi friends, it’s Ellie here! I’ve been keeping my mommy awfully busy so she hasn’t blogged much lately. But really, who can resist my adorable face? 😉 Want to see what we’ve been up to? Take a look!


Daddy time and tummy time are my favorite. I’m getting really good at grabbing my toys and scooting across the floor. But when I’m done playing, I will let you know. Don’t worry.


Mom is always making faces at me to try to make me laugh, She is so silly. Sometimes I laugh just to amuse her, sometimes I just give her a look. “Really, mom? Really?”


The yellow lion is my favorite toy. I take after my mommy, she loves the color yellow too!


And this is how we get ready every morning or sometimes afternoon. (or sometimes right before daddy gets home!) Mom does her makeup and lets me play with some of her toys in front of the mirror. She can’t put me in my bouncer as much because I hate to be buckled and if I’m not, I slide out and onto the floor. Mom gets freaked out, but I just give her a big smile. I’m pretty tricky.

I haven’t given mom much time for emails lately, she says she’s sorry if she hasn’t replied yet. Sheesh mom! And! Enter this giveaway, you can win one of my mommy’s prints. And Kiri’s new blog is pretty cute!

Whew, that wore me out. I think it’s time for a nap! Bye, friends!

xo, baby E”

Alexa Zurcher




  • Jana

    That Ellie. So cute. J slid out of his bouncer the other day (this was after your post on Instagram) and I was like, "Silly boy! Don't copy Ellie!" 🙂

  • Amanda M.

    Such a cutie! I love her little grin! {And adorable print on Kiri's blog!}

  • Kirithinks

    well just melt my heart a way! I love it too much!

  • Amanda Schroeder

    She is perfect. That outfit in that last photo is SO FREAKING CUTE!!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  • larajanepark

    Wow, she gets cuter every day! What a little doll you have there Lex! I can't wait to finally meet her in February- your cousins are over the moon to head to Call Country and party it up for a long weekend!! xoxoxo love aunt lara

  • April @ Hansen Love

    She makes me baby hungry! She is adorable!!!!I love the stripped outfit! So cute!!!


  • Kirsten Wiemer

    baby E is seriously the cutest.
    im sure you've got your hands full, but at least you always supply us with a lot of really cute pictures of E!


  • Anonymous

    That was adorable! Your pictures are super cute too!

  • Hannah

    these pictures are sooo great! love that A<3B such a great idea!!

  • Mariah Hopkins

    Your baby is so cute! I am so baby hungry!!! :)I love your blog.

    XOXO, Mariah

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    adorable post dear! 🙂

  • sam&charlie

    ellie is great at the blog world already! takes after her mommy 😉
    i can't et over those tiny stick on bows. looove!

  • Kaitlyn B

    I have to say – Ellie is one of my favorite names! Super cute… and that face is just adorable 🙂

  • Chandra Wood

    Love the pictures! Entered the giveaway 🙂

  • Amy

    dear ellie,
    you are smart, you are beautiful, you are bright, and you are an exact mini-of-your-mommy. i love that you have learned to blog so early in life 😉 now go tell your mama that you are really missing gramma and you're up for a road trip!! cause i miss you tons and tons and you are growing so fast. (even though I just saw you 2 weeks ago!!)
    love you so much sweet girl,
    xoxoxox gram
    ps give mom and dad a big, slobbery kiss…you can do those so good!!

  • Rachael

    She is so adorable! She makes me baby hungry for a little girl. But then I chase my boy around the house and rethink that. lol.

  • P

    I agree with your gramma!! except i think it's time we take a road trip up there, no? 29ish days!!! xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoox 🙂

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