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hey school, I’m back!

back to school

Last Saturday, I started school again. It feels so good to be back! What is it about a new planner and a blank notebook that makes me giddy? I’ve probably watched You’ve Got Mail too often. A bouquet of sharpened pencils? Yes, please! I was indecisive about whether or not to start school now or wait another few months. After a lot of prayer, I felt that now was the best time. I consider it a tender mercy of the Lord that continuing my education worked out as perfectly as it did. Last semester, I passed my dreadful biology class with just a high enough grade to keep my GPA high enough for my scholarship. I can’t tell you how many prayers I offered on behalf of that class. I am definitely not science-minded. In August I found out that they would be willing to hold my scholarship for me while I took a semester off to have Ellie. I was really worried about leaving E with a babysitter while I was at school. It just so happened that this semester they offered the exact classes I needed weeknights, online, and on Saturday mornings. The classes start a half hour after Brian gets home so we didn’t need to hire a babysitter or worry about the car (we only have one that we share). The classes I was on waitlist for, I got right in. The money made from my Etsy shop was the exact amount I needed to pay for my fees and books. Ellie has learned to eat from her bottle. Seriously, the tender mercies go on and on. I feel very blessed. And school, I’m glad to be back!


P.S. I think it’s a You’ve Got Mail movie day. It’s about time I introduce Ellie to Meg and Mr. Hanks.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    I love your bag where did you get???

  • Alicia Snow

    i love hearing about tender mercies. it's a great reminder not to overlook the small things. god is in the details of your life.

  • Cindy Sharkey

    BRAVO my girl! You take after my father, your great grandfather, who had the highest respect for education. I am very proud of you.
    …and those prayers worked, angels are looking down on you 🙂

  • April @ Hansen Love

    I love your bag too! adorable. and good luck with school, and everything. You guys are very blessed 🙂

  • Amanda M.

    Congratulations!! Sounds like everything worked out perfectly ~ as it was meant to. Good luck!

  • Emily

    Yay on going back to school! And I'm totally on the You've Got Mail bandwagon. I watched it last night, actually!

  • Amy

    We are so proud of you! You married a gem of a man to support you and your dreams. You are talented, sweet and oh-so-smart! Good luck in school this semester!! Love you so much xoxoxoxox ps I'm needing some Ellie time, and soon!!

  • Unknown

    Good for you Alexa! That is so amazing, I am happy for you! I enrolled post-bach last August to pursue a photography degree, and had to drop out of my classes since I was so sick with the pregnancy. Seeing you go back gives me hopes that after our baby comes in April, that maybe it's still an option.
    Good luck with everything!!

  • Laura Nelson

    that's awesome that it all worked out! the Lord is amazing. that bag is so cute- AND I'M EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. staples is probably my favorite store ever. and i splurged and spent $30 on a martha stewart planner. it was so worth it.

  • Unknown

    Wow. Isn't it amazing how all of the little things just fall into place. They're all so significant. I love that you've taken a second to record that. I'm sure you'll love reading it years down the line.

  • Kelsi Strong

    I love reading this. McKinlee is due February 5th, so I'm taking this semester off and I only have one more until I graduate, so I'm going back in April and I'm very nervous I won't want to go! So thanks for the boost of confidence! Good luck!

  • P

    I'm so excited for you!!! I'm happy it's all going to work out perfectly, definitely one blessed girl! It's always exciting to start up school again, isn't it? I love it! Can't wait to start on Monday, new notebooks and sharp pencils coming my way!

  • Anonymous

    Phew…I thought I was the only person who got excited about new notebooks! Good to know i'm not alone 😉 Good luck this semester!

  • Unknown

    I love this post. I'm so glad things worked out for you guys. Good luck with school! I think I already miss it 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    its from Forever 21 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    I love that! "God is in the details of your life" I need to hang that up somewhere. Thank you!

  • Jana

    Way cute bag! That's so great that everything worked out with your schedules. Good luck this semester! 🙂

  • Unknown

    school. supplies. are. my. weakness!

  • Taylor

    Good luck, you're gonna need it!

  • Claire

    Do you pump to give her a bottle or use formula? If you pump, what kind do you use and when do you decide to pump amidst actually breastfeeding her? That's my dilemma…

  • Steve and Nicole

    Yay! Good for you! I was in school with my first and it can be hard to balance everything but I kind of loved it 🙂 you are such a sweet mama

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