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instaChristmas favorites

a few #heandichristmas photos from these lovelies in the instagram world:

@erykaann / @aliciahanley

@kirithinks / @christinelynn

@lauratiffanynelson / @aprilhan12

@janalynne528 / @tiffanany

@lovecourtxoxo / @karakieran

@kaleymichelle4 / @brookejanette

Alexa Zurcher




  • Alexis

    I wish I could have participated! But it seems I'm the only one in the world without an insta gram (much less, a device to allow me to have an insta gram!)

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    yesssssssss I made it onto your blog 🙂

    Happy happy Christmas!

  • Hannah

    this is soo cute! love how creative some people are!
    merry christmas you two. may all of your wishes come true!

  • Alicia Snow

    Yay! I made it! Totally made my day! Haha.

    Merry Christmas Zurcher family!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love all your little touches and the family traditions you are starting. Kiss sweet Ellie for me. xoxox

  • tiffany nicole

    Thank you for sharing my picture!!! 🙂

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