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that one time our families came to town

…we went for lots of walks…


…Ellie met her great gramma Cindy…


…we watched the Snow Canyon soccer girls win the state champs…IMG_7239IMG_7241IMG_7242

…great gramma gave Ellie lots of attention before she heads off to Hawaii for the winter…


…grandpa and gramma spoiled E silly and someone turned sixty…


….we watched Uncle Spenc eat lots of icecream after he got his wisdom teeth out…


…and Ellie was oohed and ahhed over all day long.

IMG_7341 IMG_7338IMG_7340

Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    Adorable pictures of little E and family!!! =) It seems like you have a wonderful family network of love and support. Thanks for sharing!


  • Eryka

    Lovely photos. What a special weekend! <3

  • Amy

    Love every picture. It sure was a fun, busy weekend. Thanks for being so good to share her with all the family, she is a blessing indeed!! xoxoxoxo

  • Cindy Sharkey

    You are just the best photographer, keep up the great work. I can just see Ell in later years dragging around your photo bag for you…..

  • Unknown

    I'm so jealous you got to see the game! I so wished I was there. What a beautiful little family you have!

  • lisalynn

    So great to see all of the family there for E's blessing day. Great Gramma Cindy looks beautiful as usual. She is a natural with those sweet babies. So glad we all learned all of her tricks. Congrats Lex and Brian! xoxox Lisa

  • mrs. wall

    these pictures make me want a baby RIGHT. NOW.

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