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Miss E: 1 month

happiest in the morning // loves bath time // hair getting lighter every day // may have some red highlights // melts her mama’s heart with her smiles // started to coo // fussy in the evenings // wakes one to two times during the night // hates the hiccups // loves being outside // disney songs calm her down // great in the car // has her daddy wrapped around her finger // enjoys walks in her stroller // still loves her pacifier // hates the cold // loves the sunshine // probably the only person who enjoys mama’s singing // completely loved and adored
and just a quick video of Miss Ellie at one month:
Alexa Zurcher




  • larajanepark

    gorgeous! Love the updates. I know you are having fun with that little miss. xoxox

  • Alyssa&Chris

    Love the video! Such a great idea!

  • Annie

    Ellie is adorable! Happy one month to that sweet girl!

  • Amy

    Perfect post! She is so amazingly beautiful. The video melted my heart and made me wish I was still up there with you cuddling and loving that baby girl. Gram sends her love, too. Well that would be me, huh? Gram. But really I meant Great Gram! We both send our love! xoxoxoxox miss you!

  • Mikelle Jade

    happy one month! can't believe she only wakes up one or two times a night! lucky!

    she is beautiful. well don, you two.

  • Grace Call

    She is a call baby alright {already likes Disney! ha!} I love her soo much and cant wait to see you guys next! i love her little one month video! She is soooooooo pretty Lex! 🙂 🙂 miss you guys!! 🙂

  • Jana

    She is such a bright-eyed happy little kiddo! Happy 1 month of mommy-hood to you!

  • crissy // mama boss

    What a sweet and beautiful face she has. And I'm in love with her jammie/outfit. Ruffle-bums are my favorite!

  • Olivia Leigh Photography

    Such a beautiful baby. She gets more and more adorable with each one of your posts. So sweet!

  • Annie

    She is such a beautiful baby girl! This video is too adorable.

  • Rachel

    It's so fun to see how little Ellie is growing and comparing her to our little girl who was born on the same day! So cute!

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