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Ellie’s First Road Trip

Our little E is quite the traveler! We headed down for a quick trip to St. George last weekend. She only woke up once on the ride down, right as we were stopping for dinner. The way back – she slept the entire way (and so did I)! I don’t think that Ellie was put down once the entire weekend except to maybe get her diaper changed. She was totally and completely spoiled. Zac helped Gramma give Ellie a bath, he jumped right in the tub with his swimsuit! We got to show her off at church on Sunday, she helped Gramma and Erin cheer at a soccer game on Saturday, and B and I got lots of extra sleep!


bath time with gramma and Zac

not pictured: four other people crammed in the small bathroom watching!


proud uncles and aunties


Which baby is Ellie!?

(When all my siblings were babies we would line them up with all our dolls for a picture. We had to continue the tradition with Ellie! Some of the dolls were bigger than she was!)

IMG_6406 copyIMG_6531IMG_6559IMG_6563

Proud Uncle Spenc (Ladies he’s single and going on a mission soon….I’m sure he would looooove some pen pals 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Dearest Lou

    She's seriously so beautiful! I can't get over her big eyes and cute button nose (:

  • larajanepark

    I love love love all of these pictures of my loved ones. What a wonderful gift that you made the trip to St. George to share baby Ellie with the family. The baby picture is funny and reminded me of how your mom would do that with you all. *love that you used the pink quilt* (is that yours or Erins?) I can't remember who I made it for? Nice to see it with a new baby on top!! Much love to you and Brian and E.

  • Discovery Street

    such a cutie!! found you through busy bee lauren's blog…i'm loving following along other new mamas! btw…how did you get the bow to stay on her head?

  • Alexa Zurcher

    that's the quilt you made for me! love it! xo

  • Alexa Zurcher

    haha, we asked the nurses at the hospital the same question! KY jelly, works like a charm 😉

  • Alexis

    that picture of the dolls and cute E! so so so adorable.
    hey I'll take you up on that pen pal offer.. 😉

  • Annie

    So so so adorable! She is such a beautiful baby!I love the bath pics. : )


  • Emily Meyerhoffer

    She is so sweet!!

  • Eryka

    The photo of Ellie with your siblings is soo cute. It makes excited for the day I can take one like that with my little siblings. I love that we both have little siblings around the same ages! My brothers are 12, and 8 and my sister is almost 6! 🙂

  • Kassidy Baker Photography

    the doll picture totally cracks me up! so fun.

  • Emmary

    So glad I got to snuggle her for a few minutes on Sunday! She is gorgeous! And oh so tiny!

  • Anonymous

    o my goodness! i love the picture with the dolls. that is so cute! i am definitely going to do that with my future kids 🙂

  • Unknown

    Alexa, your family is so sweet! E is the cutest little thing. I've got major baby fever right now because of her!

  • Unknown

    cute! I love your family. Such good people. Ellie is absolutely perfect! The pictures with the dolls is fantastic!

  • Marcismullings

    I'm amazed how well you keep up your blog with a newborn! It's nice to be able to read about your adventures with your new baby. She's just a doll. (I love the doll pic!)

  • Corina

    That picture with Ellie and the dolls is a crack up.

  • Taylor Noelle Krause

    Oh my goodness hook me up with that brother of yours 😉 and even though I'm sort kidding, I'm sorta not. So help a sister out! Oh and by the way it's probably a good thing your cute girl is never put down because she is so stinkin cute someone night just snatch her up so cuddle and snuggle all there own.

  • Hannah Joy

    That first picture looks like she's got a little red in her hair. She's getting big! So cute. I hope you guys are doing well!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    That little girl is loved alot! Tell S. I'll be his pen pal. 🙂

  • H-Nelly

    I'd totally add your bro to the missionary mailing list. Sign me up. 🙂


    amazing! ellie has amazing family! ( especially uncle Spenc ;)) )
    love you alexa!

    xoxo, aunt anecia from Poland ;D

  • Talia Jensen

    you are so making me baby hungry. there i said it!

  • crissy // mama boss

    It actually took me a second to spot Miss E among all the dolls! She's tiny!
    How fun to be able to spend time with your family! Makes me wish my family were closer..

  • Lindsay Nicole

    Ahhhhh LOVE it! Love love love these pictures….


  • Amy

    Loved this visit so much. It was such a great, busy weekend! And I love that you're setting up your bro with some pen pals, he's thinking it's pretty cool!! 😉 Love ya, see you sooooooon!! xoxoxooxox

  • Anonymous

    Definitely up for being a pen pal 🙂

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