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three weeks old

Sweet Ellie is three weeks old already! She just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. On Monday we went to the doctor for her two week appointment (a few days late). She is weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. She’s in the 77 percentile for height and 11 percentile for weight. She’s our tall and skinny girl! E had to have her heel pricked for the PKU test. She screeeeeamed and cried and I cried right along with her. Poor girl.
We had a few fussy nights, poor little girl had an upset stomach. She definitely wore us out! Now she’s back to her schedule, thank heavens, and we’re back to getting a little more sleep. E and I had a little girls night last night and went to the mall. We still can’t find anything that fits her skinny little body! (Why do they only sell preemie clothes online?) For now she has about six outfits that fit her and she goes through at least two a day. We do a lot of laundry around here. 🙂
I love being a mom to our sweet E. I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world!
Alexa Zurcher




  • sarah

    Ah! She is SOOOO cute!!! My little sister is almost 7 months old…. seeing your little beauty makes my sister look so big! Congrats!
    p.s. I love her little bitty toes and tiny yawns 🙂

  • crissy // mama boss

    So cute! She has such a pretty little face, and I just love pictures of tiny baby toes!

  • Catherine

    She is so beautiful!! Love these pictures!

  • Adelynn Grace

    I love your blog and your family!

  • Alyssa&Chris

    She's beautiful!

  • Kaylie

    Aw I love her yawns! So cute!

  • larajanepark

    Best job ever, she's definitely a beauty! xoxox

  • vivian

    these pictures are so sweet. what a beautiful baby!

  • Amy

    The only thing sweet Ellie is missing is some gramma time!! 😉 Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! Everyone is already talking about who gets to hold her first!! (I'm afraid I'm at the end of the line this time…thankfully I can tell them all to go to bed and have some quality late night gramma-Ellie time!!!) See you TOMORROW!!! Love you!

  • Amy

    ps that's how big you were when you were born! She's still so tiny!!!

  • Kenz


  • Bethany

    So stinking cute!!! I dont know if you have one nearby, but Babies R Us sells preemie!

  • Kandice Breinholt

    oh my word.

    she is gorgeous, isn't she?!
    i absolutely adore these photos.

  • Lecinda Ward Photography

    she is SO ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!! She is a beautiful baby 🙂

  • Mariel Torres

    These pictures are so incredibly precious! definitely frame worthy darling.

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