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a few firsts

first walk with gramma
first time at café rio
first time in her bathtub
first time getting her hair brushed (and loving every minute of it)
first time wearing a silly hat (pictures taken after she was done screaming)
first time waking up only ONCE in the night (pray this continues!)
first time going to church in a dress that actually fits her skinny body!
and first time home all day with just mom! (we actually got some laundry done!)
Alexa Zurcher




  • Sammantha

    Yep, still the cutest baby ever.

  • Amy

    Gahhh! I'm in love with every picture! And only waking up once in the night?? Lucky!! Hope that continues. She is such a good baby, such a sweet spirit. Glad you're lovin' on her night and day. xoxoxoox see you soooon!!

  • Kailie

    wow you recover fast! going to church already! she is such a little doll, love all of the pics. and you are just as beautiful as ever!

  • Emily

    She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen 🙂
    All of those pictures are so sweet!

  • Ashlee

    Oh she is so precious!! Her beautiful big eyes are adorable!! Looks like you guys are having a blast together!!

  • Anonymous

    awe she is the most precious thing i've ever seen.

  • Bekky

    Congratulations! What a cute family you have. Treasure every tiny moment (good and bad) because they grow sooooo fast.

  • Meg

    She is absolutely darling.

  • Jana

    So fun! Looks like she loved her first bath-baby J screamed all the way through his.

  • Celeste

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    She's so cute. And you look great. Motherhood suits you 🙂


    I love your blog and the pictures! super cute baby, congratulations!

  • Jessica

    She is seriously the cutest! And that last picture… I'm in love with her eyes… 🙂

    Anyway, just found your blog via Justin+Alyssa, and I became an instant follower. Your blog is so stinkin cute and I can't wait to read more from you!

    You can find me at What's in a Name? !

  • larajanepark

    Wow! I can't believe how much she looks like her Uncle ZAC!!! Especially in the last picture of her and the black and white one…….

  • Talia Jensen

    oh my! i am smitten with her!! congrats on a beautiful baby girl

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Wow, she has grown & changed & is such her own person! What proud and happy parents you are. Thinking of you so much. Xoxoxo

  • Desi

    As soon as I saw the black and white picture of Ellie sleeping, I totally recognized the "Call" mouth. Just thought I should let you know 🙂 She is adorable!

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