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and then we brought her home

We stayed at the hospital for almost the full 48 hours. Miss Ellie had to have her blood sugar checked frequently since she was born so small. Thankfully all was well! The pediatrician had me make sure she was eating every three hours since she had dropped down to 6lbs 1 oz while in the hospital. The nurses and I had a grand ol’ time trying to get her to wake up when it was time to eat, poor girl just wanted to sleep! When she finally did wake up, she ate so good! We finally started to get the hang of the nursing thing, I love it. E had a few more visitors while we were in the hospital, including her Great Grandma Call. (Ellie is the 30th great grandchild on the Call side! 30th!)


watching golf with daddy


visits with Kenzie. auntie Erin, and great grandma


mommy and baby napping


grandma and great grandma


Kiana and Dusty (who brought us chocolate covered macadamia nuts all the way from Hawaii!)


Saturday morning we slowly got ready and washed out the bows that were glued to E’s hair (why do they insist on using so much stuff to stick those bows on?) The headband and outfit I brought were way too big for this skinny minnie! The headband stayed on her head only for the pictures, it kept drooping in her eyes. Our fabulous nurse brought us all kinds of extra diapers, wipes, bows, and supplies to stuff in our bags. Our drive home was about forty five seconds (we live right by the hospital). E was so good in her car seat (thank heavens, maybe road trips to St. George will be a little easier!) As soon as we got home, we ditched our bags by the door and the three of us took a nice long nap!

IMG_4796IMG_4798 - CopyIMG_4791 - CopyIMG_4812IMG_4816IMG_4817IMG_4806IMG_4831IMG_4838IMG_4842IMG_4843

Alexa Zurcher




  • Emily Meyerhoffer

    She looks so pretty in that cute pink outfit & headband 🙂

  • brooke elyse

    welcome home baby Ellie! and welcome to a family of three Lex and B!


    brooke elyse

  • Eryka

    I cant get over how precious she is. So widdle! Hope youre doing well! XO

  • abbey rose.

    Dang cute blog posts and instagrams lately! Alexa, you are going to be a great mom.

  • Kels

    She is such a doll. And you look fabulous for just having a baby!! Curled hair AND make-up? You go girl!!

  • Liz

    We use KY jelly to put those bows in haha

  • Courtney

    This is so exciting!! Congratulations, she looks absolutely perfect!

  • Alana Christine

    She is so pretty! Congrats!

  • Unknown

    she is so precious!!!

  • Kaylyn and Brady Blake

    I love reading your blog! Congrats on the new baby girl she is darling! Where did you get her coming home outfit and headband?! So so adorable!

  • Mindee

    she really is the sweetest little girl, so cute and petite! definitely looks like your baby, love her name! great pics they are beautiful!!

  • larajanepark

    Love these photos of my grand-niece!!! You and Brian look so very happy.

  • Kristin

    wow to 30 grandkids on one side! so fun tho! love all the pink and bows

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