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the hospital

Thursday morning bright and early we headed to the hospital and by that afternoon, we were holding our sweet Ellie girl!  (Birth story to come soon.) We are so happy to finally have her here! She has brought such a sweet spirit into our home and we cannot imagine our lives without her. We are beyond smitten! Our hospital stay was fabulous. The nurses were wonderful, the food wasn’t as bad as expected, and we got to constantly snuggle and kiss baby E. We’re so happy to be a family of three. Here’s a few photos from the hospital to hold you over, don’t worry, there are plenty more to come!

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Alexa Zurcher




  • Chelsea

    Congrats! She's beautiful!

  • larajanepark

    I can't believe she slept through her first little bath 🙂
    She is adorable!
    Love Great-Auntie Lara

  • Anonymous

    she is the sweetest thing. congratulations.

  • Eryka

    shes beautiful!

  • Kerri Andersen

    wow. so precious! she is so sweet. also, i can't believe how good you look after having a baby! how did your hair look perfect?! haha. impressive!

  • Unknown

    can't wait to see/hear more about baby E!

  • Kelsi Strong

    She's gorgeous!!!

  • Mindee

    she is seriously the prettiest little baby ive seen! such a petite little thing, and her name fits her so well. so glad your doing great!

  • Dearest Lou

    Great pictures! She's adorable, and I can't wait to read your birth story. Also, you look amazing even after labor, your hair is all perfect and everything haha.

  • Kenz

    A million blessings for your beautiful little family Lex! Congrats congrats congrats she is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Sierra @ Sierra's View

    She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!!
    Hope all is well.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  • Corina

    I can't believe that you have a baby! She's so beautiful. Congrats again.

  • lisalynn

    As soon as i started looking at this, "Love Like This" By Natasha Bedingfeild came on my iPod, PERFECT SONG!!! Love my sweet little 2nd cousin ELLIE MARIE!!!! xoxo chloe

  • tifsong

    so lovely. ellie is such a classy name. she'll love you for it her whole life. you're wonderful! congratulations dear!

  • P

    I never even thought she would go through a bath but i guess that makes sense! You have such a beautiful family Lex! Love the pictures!!!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    What a blessing to have this beautiful great grandchild, our Ellie Marie.

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