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Alexa Zurcher




  • Eryka

    Shes beautiful and you are so fast at blogging. I looovvvee it. Congrats love!! XO

  • Unknown

    AHHH!!! So excited for you and your man, she is gorgeous! Love her name, enjoy your first few days as a family of three!

  • Unknown

    precious!!!! congrats!

  • Kaylie

    Congratulations! She is so adorable! I love the name ellie!

  • Kaitlin

    She's so precious! Congratulations! And that name is perfect 🙂

  • Ashley

    CONGRATULATIONS!! She is a doll baby!

  • Unknown

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  • kay

    Congratulations. She is adorable and her name fits her perfectly.

  • Unknown

    yay! congrats!!!

  • H-Nelly

    YUSSSS!!! I have been COUNTIN' down! Beautiful baby; beautiful name. Congratulations! (:

  • Liz Brown

    Hurray! She is perfect. Good job, parents. 🙂

  • Emily Meyerhoffer

    Yay! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!

  • mrs. wall

    sooo precious!! love little girls. (: congrats!!

  • Taylor D.

    look at that little curl! So cute Lex. Super happy for you and B girl!

  • Elsha

    adorable. sooo adorable. i couldnt be happier for you and your beautiful family.

  • Kelsi Strong

    She's beautiful!! Congrats!

  • Trav....

    she's beautiful!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!

  • Lauren

    p.s… that was lauren. ha!

  • Unknown

    You are a rockstar for having photos and a birth announcement posted the same day you had a baby!

  • crissy // mama boss

    Congratulations on your tiny lady!

  • Alyssa&Chris

    Congrats! She is beautiful!

  • Unknown

    She looks your husband! She is beautiful! Congrats!:)

  • Steve and Nicole

    No way! Tate and I were at the hospital this morning for a NST and I even thought…I wonder if she is here having her baby today? I guess you were! We should have gone looking for you 😉 Just kidding.

    Congratulations!! Love the name and she is a beauty. Not even swollen 🙂 She's beautiful I am so so so happy for you guys

  • Desi

    Ah this is fantastic! Congratulations! 🙂 You're such an adorable mommy with such a cute baby!

  • Lecinda Ward Photography

    congratulations!!! A beautiful name to match a beautiful little girl 🙂 xo

  • erica moore

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ah this made me so happy!

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    She's here!!! And with such the perfect wrinkly toes and perfect name.

    Congratulations 🙂

  • Unknown

    congrats!! she is adorable:) i love her tuffs of hair

  • jane

    how cute! congratulations!

  • Dearest Lou

    She's beautiful and I love her name (: Congrats!!!

  • Bri Lamkin

    Congratulations! She's beautiful.

  • Hannah Elisabeth

    hooray!! sweet name!

  • Chelsea

    She's beautiful! Congrats!

  • Kailie

    I am in love! What a beautiful beautiful girl!!!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I look forward to holding that precious Ellie Marie.

  • Tunes & Spoons

    She is amazing! Congrats darling!

  • Florencece

    congrats! amazing girl!

  • Brielle

    ohh, she is perfect. so obsessed with her name! congrats you two!

  • Jessica

    Congrats!! She is beautiful 🙂

  • sam&charlie

    i can't express how absolutely breathtaking little miss ellie is! oh my word. you and brian must be on cloud 9! congratulations to you both!

  • The Naulus

    this is a most glorious sight! I am overly excited for you and your adorable little family! She is absolutely adorable!!

  • Amy

    She is perfect in every way! You did such a great job Lex and Brian!! She is the perfect addition to your little family. How in the world did you ever live without her?? LOVE!!!

  • Kaylee Pearl


  • Tori Baldridge

    Congrats!!! Cutest little baby mow hawk 😉

  • Mindee

    she is the most darling, beautiful baby! congrats to you guys!! i hope everything went great, i bet your loving being a mommy finally : ) so happy for you!

  • Bethany

    Shes beautiful! Welcome to the Mommy club 🙂

  • P

    She is absolutely beautiful 🙂 I'm so happy that she turned out fully-cooked and perfect! Love you!

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