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our house in the middle of the street

We were so excited to move out of our small apartment into an actual house. No more dark brown cabinets, a temperamental toilet, or a washer and dryer in our kitchen! The house that we are renting was built in 1942, so it is full of character. The floors squeak, there’s a random drinking fountain in our backyard, the light for the bathroom is in the hallway, and every door handle is different. We love it. Absolutely love it. (And we love not hearing any neighbors below us!) We still have a few boxes to unpack (thank goodness for a basement to store them in), but for the most part we’re all settled in. Here’s a little peek at our happy home.

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*not pictured: my mom’s favorite part of the house, the creepy storage basement! haha

**I never have this many vases of flowers in my house, they’re all leftover from the baby shower.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Hahahahaha….ya, my favorite part of the house, huh? I'm pretty sure we'll laugh about that night for many years to come. Oh man. Your house is so perfectly you and B. That little girl is so lucky to be born to such talented parents. You never cease to amaze me!! Love you and can't wait!!

  • Unknown

    Your house is wonderful! So gorgeous, cozy, and homey…I could go on. I love it!

  • jane

    cute! i love the colors! they're pretty much the exact same as what i want to decorate my house with. plus i love the eiffel tower 😀

  • Bethany G

    Your house is gorgeous!!! Swoon 🙂

  • Kerri Andersen

    wow i love it…how can you afford to decorate so cute being a (pretty much) still newlywed? i want to decorate our apartment so bad but don't have enough money. that white ledge you have your books on right now is one of my tentative purchases at pottery barn. (cuz we have a gift card). haha.

  • Lori

    I'll give it to you, girly, you know how to decorate a house! I love it. Really.

  • Alexa Zurcher

    most of what we have we picked up at thrift stores and re-purposed (dressers, books, candle sticks, baskets, vases, anything!) or found on sale at ikea. All our frames are from thrift stores as well! 🙂

  • Kirstie and Michael

    Ok I decided your pretty much the best re vamper I know!

  • Brielle

    ok perfect house much? love it, lex! come decorate for me! & hopefully little baby z pops out soon! (:

  • Kara Welker

    Where did you get the basket with the diapers on the dresser?! I have been searching for one of those EVERYWHERE!

  • Sydney Brereton

    such a cute little precious home! happy for you guys 🙂

  • Anonymous

    your house is so cute!! I love the colors and decorations.

  • Alexa Zurcher

    It's from Nordstrom Rack. I picked it up for super cheap!

  • Alexis

    oh my goodness!! i love it! i always thought that old houses were creepy and haunted, but yours is absolutely adorable! 🙂 You are so creative! You guys are so cute, and i cant wait for your little girl to come, especially to find out what her name is 😉

  • tifsong

    so beautiful. seriously. your home is stunning.

  • Emily

    after seeing your adorable rainbow-order bookshelf… i'm curious… what are you reading lately? I'd love to see a post on that. either way, your house looks amazing! I love everything about it. I may be creepy and pin it, haha!


  • Mandi

    ADORE! Amazingly homey and cute and classy at the same time:)

    <3 Mandi

  • sam&charlie

    oh, i just adore it! your decorating is top notch. and it feels so homey! and that backyard? get out! love it.

  • Eryka

    ugh, youre house is sooo cute. i am jealous. psstt. hurry up baby!

  • Amy

    Um, sometimes old houses are positively creepy and haunted! Especially when you're staying there pretty much by yourself on the first night and somehow the back door gets left open until you arrive home….around midnight. And you are positively certain that there is a creeper in the basement. Oh man, that was a long night. And one that me, Lex, & Brian can laugh about now (wait, I think B was laughing about it then, too!!!) Ha. From, Alexa's mama

  • Liz Brown

    Old houses are the only kind I've ever lived in … and the only kind I want. Matching doorknobs? Flawless floor plan? Faultless wiring and plumbing? BORING. Give me character every time. What a neat place to bring a baby home to. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Okay this is SO cute!!!

  • kidquotes

    So cute! It's so exciting to have your own home. Congrats!

  • deb

    Seriously Alexa, you just have the best taste. Next time you go thrift shopping, bring me along!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Your house is so cozy and homey. I can tell it is full of love and inspiration. Xoxo

  • Ashlee

    Your house is super cute I love it. I hope you have your baby girl soon :]

  • lisalynn

    I REALLY hope you have your little girl today!!:) What are you going to name her??? i love you soooo much and miss you tons!!! I am so excited for you!!! xoxo chloe

  • Meg @ write meg!

    Looks like so nice and cozy! Love all the decorative touches, and the "Rental Sweet Rental" is too cute. 🙂

  • Mindee

    im in love LOVE with your new house! i love the style, thats so up my ally! you decorate really cute, keep the vases around, their really pretty : ) love your pops of color. i really am hoping for you guys to have your baby girl soon, she is going to be so pretty! youll love being a new mommy, its amazing. good luck when the time arrives!

  • Kylee

    Cutest house ever! I Love the simplicity of the neutrals with all of the bright colors mixed in 🙂 Lovely!

  • Unknown

    So happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Love your house! One question: where is your bedding from? I have been searching for something very similar!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Thank you! Our quilt and sheets are from target and the green pillows are from Ikea 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get your A and B with the heart above your bed?

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