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oh baby! (but not ours)


Last weekend we got to soak up a little baby time with my cousin’s six week old baby. Isn’t he adorable? I couldn’t believe how little he seemed – I forgot how tiny babies are! Oh how anxious I am for our little one to arrive – crossing my fingers (and toes) for this weekend. Feel free to cross yours as well. 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • Liz Brown

    I honestly just crossed my fingers 🙂 Theres nothing like holding other peoples sweet little babies to make a person want their own … even when they're still years away from having some …

  • Amy

    I'm hoping (and crossing my fingers) that the next blog post officially introduces your new little girl! Like tomorrow, or Sunday, or sooooon! Can't wait! You and Brian were pros with little baby Ace! That was good practice (even when you passed him back to his own mom when he had a blow out…well, soon you can just pass her on over to B!! haha) Love you!

  • P

    AH HOLY COW at first when i saw this post i thought that child was yours and that you didn't even text me to tell you were in labor! haha jk, but my goodness, my heart must have skipped a beat. Lol, and then i read the post title correctly and all was better. So excited for your actual child to come along! Love you!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Soon you will be holding your little baby girl. My thoughtful are with you!

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