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40 weeks & no baby yet

Shout it from the rooftops folks, I’m officially forty weeks! Sometimes it feels like I’ve been pregnant for forever and other times I can’t figure out when I blinked and we hit forty. As ready as I am for little munchkin to arrive, reality is starting to hit and I’m getting nervous! They’re letting us take a baby home?!? Ahh! At the same time, I’m getting highly impatient. B and I have something planned everyday for the next week since the waiting game is driving us nuts! Last night we went to the temple (and yes, I rocked those heels at 40 weeks), we have plans with friends for dinner, I’m treating myself to a pedicure, and we’re going to keep filling up our schedule with hopes that baby with interrupt our plans. C’mon, baby c’mon! 🙂 I thought it would be fun to see all the bump pictures from day 1 to week 40. I remember being 20 weeks along and thinking I was huge. Now looking back, it just looks like I ate a big meal! Hopefully this will be the last of the bump pictures and we’ll be onto baby! Hooray!


Alexa Zurcher




  • Steve and Nicole

    Yay for 40! Except when you have no baby 40 isn't so exciting 🙂 If you have the doctor I think you have he made me go to 41…but this next week will fly by. We're scheduled for Oct 3 to have this one so I know you'll be done by then but it would have been fun to see you in the hospital!

    Can't wait to see pictures of the little miss! You look SO great. You probably don't feel it now but when you look back on these pictures you're going to be like…I looked GOOD!

  • Gabrielle

    You look Fab! I love all your maternity photos, you are adorable! So excited for you!

  • Amy

    You are positively radiant and beautiful. To say we are soooo excited down here is a huge understatement. And no worries, she will arrive, and soon! She is just having her last little visit with her newly arrived Papa and her last hug to her Heavenly Father and then she will be on her way. Love you so much, and no need to be nervous, you have played baby dolls and with real babies all your life – you are pretty much pro!! xoxoxoxoxo mama

  • Unknown

    I love reading your blog. =] It is so fun to think back on what it was like to be pregnant! Keeping yourself busy these last few days is the best advice! I wish I had done more things, I was literally sitting around cleaning anything I could find- not nesting, but because I was so bored, haha.

  • Jana

    Awww, I love all of the bump pictures together! So cute. 🙂 Sending labor inducing thoughts your way! (if you want to send some back this direction as well, I won't object.)

  • Leila

    Oh my goodness, such beautiful photographs. 🙂 Congratulations!! Good luck!

  • Kate Costello

    I fell in love with your darling blog a few weeks ago! Your little family is so beautiful and joyful, you bring a smile to my face! I hope all goes well in the next days!

  • Kailie

    youre new blog design is so cute!!! I love it! and cant wait for the pretty lil miss to arrive, i can imagine how hard it is to wait!

  • P

    I love your new design/set up on your blog missy! adooorrrable. Ok and my guess is that this little girl of yours will show up at 9:03 pm tonight! ahhh thats so soon though…you never know! i wish i could be there to help out but i know you're in good hands! xoxoxo <3

  • Cindy Sharkey

    My guess is Sun. September 16 at 7:28 am.
    Good luck no worries, you will do great and that little baby girl will be in your arms. 🙂

  • Marli

    What a cute idea! Love this! 🙂


  • Mindee

    you are so darn cute girl!! you have the cutest baby belly, and i cant wait till your little one arrives! if it makes you feel any better, i was 1 weeks overdue when they decided to induce happens a lot with first pregnancies. so excited for you!

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