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We’ve been a little busy around these parts lately, hence the lack of attention to the blog. We’re just getting all the last minute things done before this little munchkin arrives (which I pray is soon)!  Brian put together our car seat and stroller the other night (thanks in-laws!):


the first signs of fall appeared in our front yard:


so I baked some of my mom’s famous pumpkin bread to celebrate the changing colors and cooler weather:


we hung up bookshelves in the baby’s room and made some homemade pizza dough:


wore some awesome Saturday work day outfits:


worked on some projects and I wore one attractive mask:


painted, painted, painted, and tried out our new grill:


and b grilled one delicious meal:


Up next: photos of our new place. It’s slowwwwwly becoming less and less of a cluttered mess and more and more of a home.

Alexa Zurcher




  • tifsong

    those leaves are incredible! i am excited to capture the changing colors. you've captured the perfect start. good luck with everything darling!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    You are so busy, so much to do. That baby will be here before you know it. Xox

  • Abby

    You even look stunning in a mask…unfair lex! Can't wait for your munchkin to arrive 🙂

  • hjdbedfb

    I love the colour of those leaves – fantastic photographs 😀
    Amy x

  • Jana

    Fun stuff! I love the cute shelves in the baby's room. Hope your little one decides to get here soon! At this point waiting is totally un-fun.

  • Amy

    Love's B's face as he's putting together baby stuff. Just tell him nothings worse than putting together 100+ piece Barbie houses, Barbie vans, etc…haha, so he's getting good practice. So glad B could get a new "toy" as well…gotta love his grilling! And I love how you put your dough in the windowsill to rise, must have learned that trick somewhere 🙂 Love you and can't WAIT for little miss to arrive, seriously we're SOOOO excited!! And last but not least, you look amazing!!!

  • P

    I agree with Aunt Amy all the way! Love how you're setting up in your new house, cant wait for the pictures! You two are going to be the most awesome parents, and hey, that pumpkin bread looks good 🙂
    love you lex!!!

  • Grace Call

    i can't wait for my little niece to arrive! i have been dying for her to arrive! so glad that we only have a few more weeks to go! yeah!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and i agree with Paris that pumpkin bread does look good! and the dough in the window seal looks familiar! ha! ha! can't wait any longer! love you sooooo much! and miss your cute little house! love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox gracie!

  • Amanda Schroeder

    Yeah…I like the look of that bread.

  • Rachel

    Cannot wait to see your place!and where did you find pumpkin so early to bake?I'm jealous!And baby girl will be here before you know it!EEP!

  • Karina Marie Powell

    Aww good luck cute girl! you will love being a momma:) xo

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