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Just as we thought our summer craziness was winding down, things picked up again! (Hence the lack of blogging, it will get better!) We just got back from a fun little weekend in St. George, helping out while mom was at girls camp, and now we’re in full swing of packing! Having our apartment such a wreck only stresses me out slightly/a little/alot….but lucky for us (maybe not for her), we have Erin up here to help! We still have found a little time to watch the Olympics, although we only get it on the Spanish channel. Muy bien! Mucho gusto! Also, thanks to all you mommy’s who commented on this post. I loved reading all your tips and tricks!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Ha! I love all of the pics of when I was up at girls camp. I need to think like Gracie did and put a sign up on the sink, too! Thank you so much for coming down to help out while I was gone. Muchos thanks to B for taking Spenc & Brenden home with you guys so they could go to EFY, and a big thanks for having Erin with you to help you pack (although I laughed SO hard the next morning when we saw her packed suitcase sitting here in her room….good thing you two can share clothes!!) Have so much fun this week! We've been sneaking in a few times here and there to watch the Olympics, so awesome!! See you sooooon! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Rachel

    Love the picture of you two sleeping on the couch…so so sweet!

  • Cindy Sharkey

    I love the B/W pics, always a fav of mine- so much depth. ps… you have a beautiful mother. xox

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