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the house with the white picket fence


These last two weeks have been a blur. One night we were randomly looking at bigger places to rent on KSL and within a few days we were meeting with the landlord, saying our prayers, filling bags for DI, and buying moving boxes. That’s right, we’re moving! We couldn’t be more excited. Although we’ve loved our first little place, our neighbors, and our ward, we are so excited for the house with the white picket fence. (I still can’t get over how adorable it is!) We will have quite a bit more space (and heaven knows we need it!) and it puts us closer to B’s work. Plus, our washer and dryer will no longer be in our kitchen, we’ll have an actual backyard (!!!!), we won’t hear the neighbors talk below us, our dead, broken down car won’t be used as storage space anymore (ghetttttto!), and I’ll have a whole new canvas to decorate. Can I get a big WOOHOOO!? I’m off to pack some more boxes, and maybe I’ll actually shower today (summer has made me lazzzy!)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Alexis

    So so so so SO cute lex! Imagine if you painted the door yello and put up blue shutters? Make it 10x cuter than it already is! And you didn't think that was possible. Neither did I. (:
    so so so cute. Perfect for you and B and your sweet little girl on the way.

    So excited for you and your adorable family! (:

  • Jessica

    Cute!! The house I grew up in had a white picket fence and it was one of my favorite things! The perfect little house to start your family in! 🙂

  • Brielle

    sooo jealous! i wish we were moving into a cute little house instead of another apartment! ohh well. i dare say that house is perfect for your cute little family.

  • allyson

    Woo! It's adorable, congratulations!!

  • Amy

    I can't wait until Girls Camp is over next week so I can dive in and help you!! You've helped me so much these past few months, it's my turn to help you!! And then….that darling baby girl is going to arrive right after you're all settled in. Practically perfect in every way!! Loves to you, B, and baby z. xoxoxoxo mama

  • Courtney

    Such a cute house! Are you renting or is this your first house? Super exciting either way, I can't wait until me and the hubs can move into a house.


    You now have the house people dream about. Amazing girl! So happy for you.


  • Rachel

    It's so lovely!Congrats!

  • sam&charlie

    yay yay yay yay!!! how americana with the white picket fence! can't WAIT to see how even more adorable you will make it! congrats! xo

  • tifsong

    totally jelly. it's adorable.. holy crap! love it. can't wait to see how you decorate.

  • P

    i can't wait to see how it's all going to look! You can make anything cute 🙂

  • Catherine

    what an adorable home!!! so happy for you!! 🙂

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