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anniversary trip {part 2}

We spent a few days on our trip at Manhattan Beach and boy oh boy did we have some fun. We made sure to stop by Noah’s bagels (a must at Manhattan beach!), checked out all the expensive beach shops, walked the boardwalk, dunked ourselves in that freezing California water, people watched, and polished off 3/4 a (family size!) bag of Doritos in five minutes flat (ok, ok, that was mostly me). Despite the overcast weather, we got some intense sunburns and still have peeling backs, legs, and eyelids to prove it! Our plan “move-to-California-and-live-by-the-beach” is currently in the works. One day, one day.


Alexa Zurcher




  • Elle

    Great photos! Looks like such a wonderful vacay

  • Sister Megan Nielson

    Doesn't get much better than California 🙂

  • Kylee Noelle {the blog}

    super pretty pictures! looks like you guys has a great time! got me thinking about what we should do for our upcoming anniversary… 🙂

  • Amy

    It's impossible to go to Manhattan Beach and not go to Noah's!! Glad you two had so much fun!!!


    Look at you and your belly! Also you two are just adorable.


  • Southern Elle

    Thats my hometown! Great post.. I love the photos!

  • P

    Oh my goodness I so love this post! Manhattan Beach is like our second home! I can totally see you guys living down there, and then you can maybe invite me down and do some free babysitting? Ok? Ok. And I was talking to my mom yesterday and she said we're most likely doing the beach trip next year! It's been far too long 🙂

  • Corina

    Beautiful pictures!

  • larajanepark

    2013 Beach trip with new baby girl!!! Ahhh I see many many baby free date nights in your future!!! xoxox

  • tifsong

    your photographs excite me.

  • Mrs W

    Those pics taken on the pier are simply stunning! You've inspired me to go to our beach (in East London, South Africa)!

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