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When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered with “an artist and a mom.” When I wasn’t coloring, I was playing dolls for hours on end. I loved to pretend to soothe my crying babies, take them on walks, and snuggle with them all day long, just as I had watched my own mom do. Soon I’ll be a real mom to a sweet baby girl and I am ever so blessed for two amazing mom’s I have to look up to. For the sweet mom that raised my husband, and for my own mom, the twin version of myself. I will be forever grateful for the example they set, for the lessons they taught us, and for the love they continually give.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom’s out there. We sure love you!

Alexa Zurcher




  • tara polly

    beautiful post!

  • Amy

    Awwww, make me tear up big time! You are such a precious daughter! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see you take upon the "real" role of a mother, rocking that baby girl, soothing her, loving every inch of her! Your dreams are about to become a reality….soooo exciting. I love you both so much, you are going to be amazing parents. xoxoxoxoxoxo love you!! mama

  • larajanepark

    Love it. Your mama and I were just like you when we were little. We always wanted to be "a mama". It was quite disconcerting when we were expected to "do" something besides that. (When people ask you what you're going to be when you get out of high school). I always thought mom and artist were the perfect answers. I still do 🙂

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