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-I spent the last few days curled up in my bed eating otter pops and cough drops all day long. I would have much rather been enjoying this beautiful 70 degree weather that we’ve been having, but instead I came down with a nasty cold. Boo. After some much needed rest, I’m feeling almost back to normal today and boy does the sunshine feel good on my skin!

-I’m officially halfway through my pregnancy! I finally ordered some maternity jeans and man oh man are they comfy! Goodbye rubber bands! The only downside is I have to sag them a little, otherwise, when pulled too high, they give me that ugly 90’s lookin bum. 🙂

-Poor B has had to deal with my emotional breakdowns the last few days. Maybe it was a mix of being sick + not being able to sleep comfortably + being hormonal and pregnant, either way I was cranky! Sometimes the things I say are quite ridiculous or blown entirely out of proportion (like the one time my life was over when I found out my orange sweatpants were still in the wash. sheesh, it was dramatic!), but he does a good job at trying not to laugh and pulling me in for some snuggles.

-Since our summer is going to be incredibly busy and I have a hard enough time checking my email as it is, I will not be accepting sponsors for the next couple months. We have trips planned, plenty of preparing for little miss, and lots of weddings to shoot!

-We have officially begun our countdown to Hawaii! Two weeks my friends, two weeks. I’m giddy just thinking about it! I’ll be the one with the big  ol’ belly and the hubs will be sportin his nice six pack. We may just fry up as soon as we step outside (we’re as white as can be!) but we’ll be sure to enjoy it for you. 😉


Alexa Zurcher




  • stephanie hammer

    gasp! have you been taking detached lens photos?? or is that just small DOF going on? either way, beautiful. i'm so happy for you, honestly.

  • Alexa Zurcher

    totally have been taking detached lens photos! they are just so much fun!!! xo.

  • Kirstie and Michael

    I am so jealous your going to Hawaii!!! Have so much fun!

  • Ashley

    I lovedddd my maternity jeans and still want to wear them!!

  • Ben & Cassie

    mmmm otter pops! Looks like you have an amazing summer planned. LUCKY!

  • C Mae

    hi Lex! New follow here!!! 🙂 Question! I emailed you a few days ago ( I had a font question about the name of your font in your header the part where is says HE AND I what font is that? I'm quite the font junkie I have purchased a ton and was wondering if that was a free one or a purchased one) I'm thinking my email probably went to your spam box, so I was hoping to catch you on here! hope to hear from you! Your blog is lovely! 🙂

  • Steve and Nicole

    Yay for half way there! Such a good milestone 🙂 I've been dying because we are almost the same pregnant time and I've just LOVED all your updates and belly pictures, it's so fun following along with people that are close to your week.
    And Hawaii…so jealous 🙂 Can't wait to see pictures!

  • Kristin

    hope you are feeling better! hawaii will be a blast!

  • kylee

    i got an awful cold just as finals week approached. perfect timing right? and the cold? lasted far longer than i though it would. glad your cold wasn't as bad as mine was!

  • tara polly

    well aren't you just the cutest! just stumbled across your blog and find it to be absolutely lovely. xo!

  • Southern Elle

    Oooh what pretty pictures! So inviting. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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