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the bump: 14 weeks


We made it to 14 weeks, can you believe it? I thought I’d be stuck in the first trimester for  forever. (apparently with pregnancy I’ve gotten more dramatic!)

The morning sickness is almost gone and my appetite is back! Goodness, it feels so good to eat again.  That’s all I want to do now, eat, eat, eat! Ask B, I can down quite a few rolls of (cooked) sushi, all by myself! Mmmm.

This sweet little one just keeps growing, making outfit choices in the morning quite difficult. I can’t stand having anything rest on my stomach, so my choices are limited. Usually I walk around the house pantless (scandalous, I know!) and throw on a dress if it’s completely necessary. Like, dire circumstances necessary.

B has been really good about putting up with my pregnancy mood swings. Poor guy, since the day we got married I’ve been either crazy from that dreadful thing called birth control or from being knocked up. Whether it’s being overly happy to a downright emotional freak, he’s been there for it all. And he always goes to the grocery store with a long list and picks up whatever I’m craving that week. Isn’t he the greatest hubs?

Along with this pregnancy has come some intense irritation and rage. I’m just going to blame the hormones! Incident #1: The other day, as I was walking to the checkout at the grocery store with my one loaf of French bread, some man cut me off with his cart filled with groceries. This cart was piled high people! Don’t worry, I chased him through the parking lot, with the intent of whacking him with my one loaf of bread and chewing him out. Thankfully (for his sake), I run out of breath quickly and just couldn’t keep up with him. Next time, next time. Incident #2: Someone. Touched. The. Belly. I’ve been ranting about this for over a week now,  B can verify (he’s sick of it! pretty sure he’ll pounce at anyone who gets close to my stomach, just so he doesn’t have to hear me whine and complain about it anymore!)  If you are my husband or have been given verbal permission by pregnant lady, you can touch the bump. Otherwise, hands to yourself. Please.

In about a month, we’ll find out whether baby zurchling is a boy or a girl! What’s your guess? Let us know over here ————>

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Oh man I am laughing so hard. Come on people, I, her mother, spent the entire day with her on Monday…I'm talking like 12 hours and didn't ONCE touch her belly…although she probably would have let me if I asked. But, like mother, like daughter…keep your hands off the belly. Haha. I was cracking up at that!
    B is the man, what a great husband. You two are going to have so much fun being parents!! Love you both. Here's to a week of no one attempting to reach out and touch your belly. They may get their hand amputated!! Love you!!

  • Michelle

    I'm with you Alexa. It didn't happen often (fortunately) but there is something about a pregnant lady's belly that some people just have to touch. Hands off, I say.

    With regard to the mood swings. I can totally relate. Hated birth control. I never felt like myself. (That's why we have five kids now. And we love every one!) Took it once and I'll never take it again. Reading your post took me back to my first year of marriage. I think Neil wondered if I was the same person he'd married. Between birth control and pregnancy I definitely wasn't myself. With each pregnancy I think I've learned to handle the mood swings a little bit better. Good luck to you sweet girl. You will be the best mommy ever! (P.S. I say boy!!)

  • Kels

    Cute cute cute! Love the little bump. Enjoy your crazy cravings… I always sent my hubs out to buy me a whole pineapple at night when I was pregnant, and you better believe I ate the whole thing by myself. Whoop whoop for babies! 🙂

  • Timber

    Aw! Cute little belly! I can't say I miss all the strangers touching my belly but I domiss pregnancy sometimes… shockingly (:

  • sam&charlie

    aw! STOP IT with your adorable belly pictures! i can't imagine how cute you'll get with each coming week. i hope to be half the cuteness you are when i'm pregnant. 🙂

  • Mrs. Pancakes

    a .so cute…congrats!

  • Maren Kam

    New reader right here 🙂 let me just say, you are the CUTEST pregnant women out there!

  • Ben & Cassie

    You look so good so far! I have to admit, I also spend most of the time in my house pant-less but i'm not even pregnant and I was cray cray on birth control and have made my husband so scared for pregnancy-looks like you have a keeper though! love your nail polish!

  • Mindee

    You are such a darling pregnant person! Love your perfect little bump. Aren't people weird about space and the way they don't respect yours by touching your tummy? That always dumbfounded me. I think your'e having a girl!!..probably because I have one, they are so fun! I giggled throughout this post, you are so funny and cute! Welcome to your second tri girl : )

  • Unknown

    Cute little bump! Love the dress too.

  • Cindy and Jordan

    haha alexa you are so funny.. i don't know why you don't like people touching your belly though! 😛 its part of being pregnant! they just want to share in the excitement lol.

  • Amy

    ps can I tell you how much I LOVE the voting poll you have going!! Leave it up to you to put up something so amazing as that. Can't wait to see if the final results match the actual one!! Love ya xoxoxoxo mama

  • Erin

    Glad I found your blog recently!!! Your belly is so cute, you look great! Looking forward to following along on your journey 🙂

  • Erin

    Glad I found your blog recently!!! Your belly is so cute, you look great! Looking forward to following along on your journey 🙂

  • Eryka

    You are the cutest preggers girl ever. I love it! So excited for you! 🙂


  • Hannah Joy

    Can I just tell you that your little posts of marriage and pregnancy make me ache to start my own little family?! Seriously, what a fun and exciting time for you! You are so sweet. Keep the updates coming!

  • andrea brionne

    hahaha i cracked up thinking of a pregnant lady chasing after a man in the parking lot with her loaf of bread. 🙂

    congrats on 14 weeks! how exciting!!

    i love your blog btw, new follower:)

  • Courtney B

    You are so dang cute! Seriously! Love that baby bump 🙂

  • Abby

    you are looking AMAZING lex! Honestly. Cant wait to see what your little baby will be xx

  • lovers letters

    hello!! i just found your blog via college life and it is the cutest, um your belly is the cutest! i love it, and you are teeny tiny! i have so many pregger friends right now, and i'm loving living vicariously through it. can't wait to read more of your blog! xo

  • Jenn @ What You Make It

    Aw just found your blog – congratulations on being pregnant! I'm loving hearing about pregnancy from other bloggers to prep me for the future ; ) You are an adorable pregnant lady! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures – what is UP with random people touching your belly when you're pregnant? Seriously.


  • his little lady

    oh gosh you are just too cute, girl! and your husband sounds like a champ with all these mood swings. trust me, doing that blessed time during the month my man has to take a lot too. no fun. but your baby bump is growing and looks absolutely adorable!! can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or girl. my vote is a girl 😉
    xo TJ

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