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I’ve decided all snowy days call for s’mores. Thank goodness for leftover valentines treats and the broiler! Also, my chocolate love is back in full force (yes, no more worries, this is indeed my child!)

I have officially started wearing my “fat jeans,” you know, the jeans you have in the top of  your closet for bloated period days, camping trips, or because you can’t bear to get rid of them even though they don’t really fit? They have officially swapped places with my non-fat jeans, probably because they fit my tummy better. Now I don’t have to use a rubber band to hold them together, or walk around with them hanging open for the world to see. And I don’t have to wear sweats everyday! (“Have to” being the key word, I still choose to wear them 95% of the time.)

Our weekend was (practically) perfect. Besides spending some time over my friend the toilet, we enjoyed doing well, nothing. We had zero plans, which never, ever happens! That resulted in sleeping in, waffles for breakfast, actual vacuum lines on the floor (can’t tell you how long it’s been!), relaxing in our pajamas, a clean apartment + laundry (which is still residing on our couch, oh well), and our favorite chinese food!

We had one warm day last week and I am now in the mood for spring! I have two new colorful, springtime dresses sitting in my closet waiting for warmer weather and a slightly bigger baby bump! C’mon spring, hurry up!

We’re officially off to walmart tonight for some toilet paper (I won’t mention how many days we’ve been using kleenex) and ingredients for deviled eggs (thank you preggo cravings!)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Lauren Talon

    I love smores and I have been absolutely craving them the last few days! I might have to make them this weekend 🙂

  • Steve and Nicole

    they look delicious! I hope you are starting to feel better. And I was just looking at you FAQ, I had no idea your husband was that much older than you! You cannot even tell…not that he is old 🙂

  • Amy

    I looove reading your blog updates! You have the perfect way of making an everyday weekend lovely and amazing. And next time I'm up there…we're making s'mores. Those look delicious.
    ps I'm glad your chocolate craving is back!! 🙂 Love you so much! xoxoxoxo mama

  • Unknown


    & I think we have those EXACT same dishes. fiesta?! 🙂

  • Unknown


    & I think we have those EXACT same dishes. fiesta?! 🙂

  • Miki {Becoming What I Always Was}

    I am now officially craving deviled eggs. Delicious!

  • deb

    How funny. The only I really 'craved' while pregnant was deviled eggs.

  • Breakfast at the Zemke's

    Oh my that is so scrumpciously adorable. I have those plates.. Target? Oh ya, rock on!


  • McKenzie

    oh my that looks amazing!!
    and yay for doing nothing weekends!! they are definitely the best:)

  • raising4princesses

    your newest follower from Jamaica!

  • Lauren

    ha! i won't even ask about the kleenex =)
    tagged you in a post! holla!

  • Geezees Custom Canvas Art

    Ahhh..reminds me of summer, sitting in my back yard with my outdoor fireplace making these with my family 🙂

  • Unknown

    those are the cutest smores i've ever seen! just saying! p.s. you are your hubby are adorable!

  • Kristin

    thats hilarious about the kleenex, gotta do what you gotta do!

  • chloee

    These honestly look to die for… I am a sucker for a s'more. I'm thinking of throwing a peep in there for Easter. Hmmm. Darling darling darling blog

  • A and B

    Great idea! I love the heart shaped marshmallows!

  • A and B

    Great idea! I love the heart shaped marshmallows!

  • Faith

    i love indoor smores! i do it often! and the heart shaped marshmallows, so cute!

  • Lena

    hahahaa … deviled eggs. Probably one of the most random pregnancy cravings I've heard of. Which definitely makes it the most awesome!!

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