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a typical evening


lex & brian’s foolproof way to not get fit:

1: buy a gym membership.

2: decide to go to the gym.

3: actually workout, even though it seems so foreign.

4: go home, exhausted.

5: decide your arms are too sore to scoop your own ice cream.

6: go load up a cup at yogurtland.

7: add extra cookie dough bites and avoid all fat free yogurt.

8: go home, happy.

9: decide you’re not too tired to scoop up ice cream.

10: eat more ice cream in bed, complete with chocolate syrup and whip cream.

11: go to bed, full.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    sounds AWESOME!

  • Christi Lynn

    I LOVE YOGURTLAND! oh gosh i miss it so much. i don't live near it anymore. Gosh you are a lucky girl.

  • Marli

    sounds like a fabulous night to me! 🙂

    hey girl, i got a blog button! 🙂 wanna trade? i think im going ahead and snagging yours, ok? 🙂


  • Kirstie and Michael

    This just brightened up my day!

  • Sierra @ Sierra's View

    yea….this may or may not be typical in my life as well.

  • McKenzie

    LOL this is perfect!


  • Mindee

    Yogurt land is good! Haha I love your strategy!

  • Liz

    Anyone else notice there are no pictures of them at the gym… Alexa are you being honest about the gym part, or did you just go to ice cream? haha

  • Kirithinks

    sounds like love to me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I just found your blog this is to cute and totally me Ice Cream is my WEAKNESS haha

  • Jaclyn

    i love this plan. i will start tonight!

  • Unknown

    Yum! We have a Yogurtland that's been open a few months and I have yet to been. Now I want some, bad!

  • Dearest Lou

    Haha no joke, this is how my husband and I spend every night. Well not exactly but I eat a hot fudge sundae at least once a day ;P

  • Unknown

    I was browsing a photographer's site and guess who I found on it…
    photo #12 😉

  • Funmilayo

    lol @ the list, cute photos

  • sam&charlie

    haha! love it. yogurt dates with husbands are theeeee best.

  • Blytheponytailparades

    How fun! 🙂 I love ice cream/yogurt dates!

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