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happy valentines day, lover


we may not be big time valentine partiers over here, but I couldn’t resist a little lovey-dovey post about my favorite man. he puts up with my preggo (and just plain insane) mood swings, listens to my over-the-top ideas, shares my love for mcdonald’s french fries, doesn’t complain when I forget to do the laundry and he does it himself, doesn’t grimace too bad at my bed head and morning breath, cooks us dinner, let’s me have 98% of the closet, and treats me like a queen! what would I do without this man? I love you to the moon and back babe. Happy day of lovvvvvvvvve!


p.s. valentines day engagement session giveaway winner on the photo blog!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    Happy Love Day Lex! x

  • McKenzie

    aw, sounds like you have yourself a wonderful hubby!


  • Unknown

    cute stuff!

  • Krista Lynn

    aww! Happy Valentine's Day! I couldn't resist a small post on v'day either – had to jump on the bandwagon,

  • Kylee Noelle {the blog}

    oh so precious! Happy Valentine's day to you both!

  • Dearest Lou

    Such a cute photo. Happy Valentines Day to the both of you!


  • Unknown


  • Faith


    and i love Mikey D's french fries. is it bad that it is my favorite fries? haha.

  • larajanepark

    Happy Valentine's Day young lovers!It's good to have a "partner in crime" with hormone-crazy tolerance!! xoxox

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