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Flashback – New York

In August we visited B’s little hometown, Horseheads, New York. Last year I went to the city, but I had never been upstate before, so it was all new to me! I couldn’t believe how unbelievably green everything was. I grew up in the desert (Arizona and St. George) where green isn’t too prevalent. I was in awe the entire time. We had so much fun spending time with B’s parents and family, visiting the church history sites in Palmyra, hiking in the most beautiful places, and eating real New York pizza. Mmmm. I shared these photos awhile back on my other blog, but since all those photos were deleted, I’m playing catch up on this blog. Enjoy!

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Alexa Zurcher




  • ★ JASMINE ★

    love the post doll! have a lovely tuesday!
    oh! and be sure to enter yourself in my very first giveaway!

    hugs, xo
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  • Steve and Nicole

    I'm from upstate too 🙂 It's really pretty there

  • Liz Brown

    Goodness. That bridge in the last picture is beautiful.

    And I like your Sunday outfit. 🙂

  • Unknown

    Beautiful photos! I am loving especially that sailboat! I forget that NY has a countryside. Thanks for sharing!


  • McKenzie

    SO gorgeous! i love all those sites, I just went all around to them this past summer too! And your shots are amazing!


  • Whitney Leigh

    You have SUCH an eye for beautiful things. You're photography is gorrrrrgeous!


  • Anonymous

    These photos are GORGEOUS! So beautiful! & you have the best smile, girl!

  • Abby

    wowza. this place is amazing! You and your photography skills…GET OUT haha you are soooo talent Lex!

  • Marli

    how fun is that?!…tons and tons! 😉 hope you had an amazing day, lil' mother. ;D


  • Unknown

    I am having some serious problems catching my breath right now after looking at all your photos. They are amazing! I want to know how to take pictures like this!!

  • Elisha

    GORGEOUS!!!! You are TALENTED<3

  • Sophie

    WOW omg these photos are incredible! it looks like the most amazing place! i want to go now!

    just found your blog. so so happy i did, i love it 🙂 im following 🙂

    p.s CONGRATULATIONS on being pregnant! so exciting! x

  • Amy

    Ahhh, dad and I are going to have to take up Werner and Mary's offer to go visit one of these days! So beautiful. Love you and can't wait to see you so sooooon! xoxoxox mama

  • Jaclyn

    you take amazing photos. love this cute blog!

  • his little lady

    all of these images are just so beautiful! your family is perfect inside and out. and this also makes me really want to travel to NYC soon!
    xo TJ

  • Mary Lynn

    beautiful photos!

  • Annie

    Your pictures are beautiful! It sounds like you had an amazing time in New York!

  • Janey - UtValleyFoodie

    Beautiful pics & cute family!

    P.S. – I'm from SG, too.

  • Alison

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like a great time.

  • Alyx

    That looks like such an awesome trip!
    These are great photos – I've always wanted to go to Palmyra.
    PS Sorry if my blog stalking/commenting on practically every post is weirding you out right now.

  • larajanepark

    is that boat called the TRUE LOVE??? That's what I'm going to name my boat. Ever since i saw the Philadelphia Story when I was 15 I've had that plan….xoxox

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