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our weekend went as follows:
one huge order of Nachos from Los Hermanos // a few episodes of one of our favorite TV shows before we crashed // breakfast burritos, bacon, hashbrowns, and orange juice for breakfast // a rough workout after all that food // water fight all through the house // splunking in h&m // a few well spent hours in ikea // leftover nachos // furniture set up // realizing we have an ikea addiction, since our apartment looks like their catalog // early to bed // nine o’clock church // my first time teaching relief society // sunday naptime.
and now I’ll be chillin in my pj’s all day long. thank goodness for no school!
how was your long weekend?
Alexa Zurcher




  • Corina

    We went to IKEA on Saturday too. Love that place.

  • Catherine

    I'm with ya on the IKEA addiction. I love it though. AND I bet you are the cutest, best RS Instructor!! 🙂

  • lori

    i LOVE ikea… i think i need to make a trip there soon 🙂

    hope you enjoy your day off 🙂

  • -Courtney Lane- {blog}

    Sounds like a nice weekend! I'm in need of an IKEA trip soon…

    Courtney Lane

  • memory

    water. fights. are. BEAST.

    (and we don't have ikea! missing out??)

  • Katelyn

    That sounds like a phenomenal weekend. :]

    – Katelyn

  • Cindy and Jordan

    i'm sad i missed you teaching! we had to rush home early to get some food ready for lunch with my grandparents. I hope it went well 🙂

  • Randi

    Ikea is uper fun! Love nachos!

  • Nicole

    you guys are the cutest in the world.


  • Mary Lynn

    so cute!

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