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On Friday we had the opportunity of attending the temple for our date night. We hadn’t been for a few weeks and it was high time we went. It is such a wonderful experience to be inside the temple, away from the world, and feel of the peace that only the temple provides. It’s inside the temple that I am able to calm my mind, forget all the “to-do’s,” and really focus on what’s important. Not to mention, it’s great having B by my side. Being in the Lord’s house was definitely the best way to start off our weekend!
Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    I follow so many Mormon blogs & your churches look so beautiful! I have an LDS church just down the road from my house and I really want to check it out! x

  • Amy

    Lex, I am so happy for your great date night! And I agree with you about the temple, no where else can I find such amazing peace, where my mind is calm. Loves to you and B. Miss you!!

  • Alexis

    i like this.

  • Amira

    Your photos are great! Great eye 🙂

  • Cindy Sharkey

    A beautiful date,calming peace & love.

  • katherine

    LOVE going to the temple. Cute pictures girl 🙂

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