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I did a little wedding in review on my other blog before it crashed (let’s not talk about that dreadful moment). Since it’s gone now, I decided that to do another one. Most of what we did for the reception and such was DIY, thanks to my mama’s creative ideas. We spent so much time shopping at thrift stores, and had a few Olive Garden lunch dates. 🙂 As much as I loved our wedding day (it was the happiest day of my life) I’m so glad to be done with all the planning and preparing. To see more of our wedding planning adventures go here.  If you want to see photos from our honeymoon, go here, here, or here.

the colors

The colors I chose for our wedding were a golden yellow, a tiffany blue, and a teal blue. It was an easy choice since those are my favorite colors and it went perfectly for that shabby chic, summery theme I was going for.


the invitations

I loved our invitations. One of Brian’s coworkers, Jarin Smith, and I designed them. There were separate inserts for the temple ceremony, St. George open house, and registry. We had them printed at McNeil’s Printing in Orem. They were easy to work with and saved us a ton of money! We bought our envelopes and ribbon to tie around them for 75% off at the closing sale at Pebbles In My Pocket in St. George. Engagement photos were printed at Costco with 100 free photos coupon.

lex&brian-weddingday-1434lex&brian-weddingday-1428the dress

I bought my dress off of KSL from Corina. I loved, loved, loved this dress. It had a slight train, buttons up the back, and beautiful beading. I had it altered slightly by a friend of a friend. The flower in the front? I made it for about $1.50 (fabric from Joann’s) and pinned it on.


the suit

The suit and vest was bought at Men’s Warehouse and oh my, doesn’t he look handsome?! I love the color of the suit, it worked perfectly! The tie we bought at Tie-One-On in the University Mall.

lex&brian-weddingday-31lex&brian-weddingday-468the wedding planner

Our wedding planner was my fabulous mother. She was also the caterer, florist, mother of the bride, event coordinator, receptionist, extreme deal finder, shopper, decorator, counselor, and everything else!  I told her what I wanted and she made it happen! There’s no way this wedding would have turned out without her mad organization skills and craftiness. Our wedding funds provider was my very hard working father, although I’m sure he would have rather bought a boat instead, haha.

lex&brian-weddingday-69lex&brian-weddingday-350the flowersWe bought all the flowers for the wedding wholesale from Wright’s Flowers in Springville. The day before the wedding we put together all the bouquets, boutonnieres, etc., then we stored them in their large fridge for the night.

lex&brian-weddingday-131lex&brian-weddingday-149the ceremony

We chose to have our wedding ceremony at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I have dreamed about being married there since I was thirteen years old. Our wedding day was wonderful, eighty six degrees and sunny, not a cloud in sight. The whole day was absolutely perfect, but the temple was my favorite part. Getting married in the salt lake temple was something I have dreamt of since I was little, and I can honestly say it was a million times better than I could ever imagine. It truly was the happiest day of my life. Being sealed to my best friend for time and all eternity with all of our dear friends and family to celebrate with us was pure bliss. Our sealer was a cute little man named Ed Davis. Although I tried, it was hard to pay full attention to what he was saying. B and I couldn’t take our eyes off each other, nor wipe the grins off our faces as we knelt across the alter from each other. Once again i had the confirmation from the spirit that Heavenly Father approved of my decision and was happy to have his children in his holy house. We are so grateful for all those who came to the temple to be with us on our special day!


the receptionj

Our reception was held at Wadley Farms in Lindon, Ut. It was a dream location. They set up all our tables and chairs, provided table cloths and lighting, the buggy for the presents, and the lanterns on the table.


the tables

We kept the tables pretty simple with just a few vases of flowers (vases found at the DI and thrift stores), lanterns, and a frame or two. The frames were also found at DI then spray painted later. All of our table runners were sewn by our neighbor Debbie.


the guestbook

I didn’t want to have the traditional sign in guestbook, so we did a little photobooth instead. While people waited in the line to come talk to the bride and groom, they could write a message on the chalkboard, grab some props, and get their photo taken. I love looking back at the photos and seeing everyone who came to our wedding.


the cake

We got our delicious red velvet cake with buttercream frosting from Kneaders. It was 1: cheaper than any other cakes we looked at, and 2: sooooo amazingly delicious. It was pretty and simple, just how I wanted it to be. Our cutting the cake got a little wild, and messy. We planned months in advance how epic our cake smashing would be, we literally cut off almost half of the top layer!


the food

Me and B didn’t get to eat any food at our reception, but my darling mother did send us with a few platefuls that evening and man, it was good! We had three tables of food. One was little snacky foods: good cheese, crackers, breadsticks all the way from California, fruits, etc. The middle table was the dessert table complete with all kinds of different cakes and tarts from Kneaders. The third table was the kids table. We had rice krispies, jelly beans, push pop popsicles, cupcakes, and other yummy kiddie treats.


the dancing

Although B isn’t a big fan of dancing, he happily agreed to dance with me at our wedding! Dan, B’s brother, was our mc. Lexi sent us some CD’s that we used for some wedding tunes, and B brought in his big speakers so we could party! We danced to The Way You Look Tonight for our first song as a married couple. I’m not a fan of sitting there at wedding and watching the couple dance for what feels like an hour and a half, so after the first verse, we had everyone else come dance with us. To keep things interesting, we did a combined daddy/daughter, mother/son dance, as well as inviting others to join in as well. 🙂 I liked having all of our family and friends dancing with us. 🙂


everything else

Instead of having the big, Mormon cultural hall luncheon, we had a small, fun luncheon at the Olive Garden in American Fork. Thanks to my lovely in-law’s for making sure we got fed before the reception!

The Just Married Banner on the buggy was from Martha Stewart Weddings. The trunks on Photobooth table were found at the DI in Provo.

Our cake stands were made using plates and candlesticks.

Our rings were purchased at Schubach Jewelers.

All the ties for our families were bought at Tie One On.The boy’s socks were found at Target.

And last but not least, photos by J Taylor Photography. She was so much fun to work with!


Alexa Zurcher




  • stephanie hammer

    i'm jealous of your wedding. i wanted mine in the summer, but nick just couldn't wait to marry me! haha, i had red velvet cake too, and our invitations are almost exactly the same, not including colors. girl you have style.

  • Michelle

    I looooooove everything about your wedding!

  • Amy

    Favorite post ever!!! You don't give yourself nearly enough credit for all that you did! You did all of the flowers, coursages, boquet, and boutineers all by yourself (remember, I was busy running to Michaels four differen times, haha). And for sure we were co-wedding planners, partners in crime, shop til we drop and then eat as much as you can at olive gardne (even if you get a grumpy waitress who doesn't like to share mints!)!! WE out did ourselves and all of our hard work paid off for sure, July 1st was PERFECT in every way (as was the open house the week before!!) Loved it! And look, now when we have to help at all of your younger bro and sisters weddings…you get to be the co-wedding planner / photographer!!! Yea for talented YOU!! Love you sooooo much Lex!! xoxoxoxo mama!

  • Amy

    Geez. Spelling errors galore (in my above comment)!! Haha. At least you get the point!! xoxoxo mama

  • jessica

    Looks like you all such a lovely wedding! You are so lucky to have a mom that could take on all of that for you! Everything looked beautiful and it looks like you all had a really good time!

    I absolutely love the colors that you chose!

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    Oh my hun. Your wedding is gorgeous and so so cute.

  • Yulissa

    WoW!!! Your wedding was so gorgeous and creative. I can´t wait for my wedding and I have to fly all the way to Utah because I want to get married there(I live in Puerto Rico). Really enjoyed reading and seeing your photos.

  • Eliesa

    My my my goodness you wedding was gorgeous. And one of these days I will have you take pictures of the husband-guy and I. And then hire you to design my blog… but seriously. I need to meet up with you so you can teach me your ways haha.

  • Amanda M.

    I love the blue and yellow postage stamp quilt under your invitations! I made one years ago that is very similar, but with additional colors! 🙂

  • Kendra

    What lovely moments you captured. Simply beautiful! Hooray for marriage!

  • Elisha

    I love love love love love thissss!!!

  • Corina

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Corina

    Love the dress! And the whole rest of your wedding too! You're so cute.

    Just like Eliesa said above I would totally like to meet up with you so you can teach me your ways…

  • Gentri

    I love it all. 🙂 So so much! The simplicity, the bright yet not overwhelming colors, the little details. 🙂 So cute!

  • Kristin

    LOVED all the pictures!! You are one beautiful bride!! And the temple is gorgeous!!

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    So gorgeous! My friend had a reception at Wadley Farms, and boy oh boy it is a dreamy place. We also printed all our pictures using free Costco coupons haha. Best way to go! I love reading about people's weddings, especially weddings as beautiful as yours!

  • brooke elyse

    so glad you re-did this post!! It was one of my favorites on your old blog… I wish I could pin all of this for my (one-day-very-far-off) wedding!

  • brooke elyse

    p.s- love your mama's comment. so, so sweet.

  • missijay

    Adorable, as usual. 🙂

  • Mindee

    What a georgous wedding you had!! Seriously, I wish I was your friend in real life cause I would have totally wanted to go! haha. You are too cute and im SO happy for you guys! LOVED all your pics, their beautiful!

  • his little lady

    umm, could these little details GET any better. i just adore your color scheme, your wedding dress, your location, your photographer. perfection girl!!
    xo TJ

  • Lindsay Nicole

    LOVED every single word of this post!SO jealous of your wedding and hope mine can be half as fabulous. You're a gorgeous bride my dear!

  • Sydney Brereton

    your wedding is probably the cutest thing i've ever seen. please be aware that when i get engaged, i may hire you as a wedding planner? ITS SO CUTE!!

  • Nicole

    your entire day looks perfectly lovely. thanks for sharing these special moments.


  • Unknown

    you and your husband make such a beautiful couple! these pictures are fantastic.

  • ::The Beetle Shack::

    Seriously woman YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! honestly, what a stunning, pure bride.

    xo em

  • Annie

    I love your recap! I just love weddings, and I love seeing all the ways people personalize them to make it their day. Your dress was beautiful, and I loved how you pinned the flower on! It doesn't look at all like it wasn't originally part of the dress. And you looked absolutely beautiful!

    Also – I'm half-Hispanic, and in Honduras instead of watching the bride and her husband dance, they only start the dancing, just like you and your husband did in your wedding.

  • Abby

    how the hell did i miss this post?
    GAHH your wedding is freaking amazo. Hottest Bride EVERRR. You guys are the perfect couple and you look so in love. Can i steal your mum for mine?! xx

  • Carmina

    this makes me die.

    so adorable!! your wedding was FANTASTIC!


  • Unknown

    I love your photos! Your dress is gorgeous and your wedding looked like the perfect summer wedding! I found your blog on "what happens when you live."
    Can't wait to read more!


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