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aren’t they the cutest?

Alexa Zurcher




  • stephanie hammer

    cute! wish i could have gone!

  • Emily

    they are absolutely adorable! I'm in love with her hat!

  • jessica

    Um, yeah! That hat is gorgeous

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Meg has such the cutest blog. And you know her! And went to her wedding! I think that's pretty cool.

  • Jessica

    Love her dress and hat! So pretty!

  • brooke elyse

    oh my goodness gracious- I am in love with her dress

  • Nicole

    wow! that's pretty hardcore cake eating! 😉

    hubs and i asked our brother and sister/best man and maid of honor to come stand next to us as we cut the cake. then just as we were about to feed each other cake, we whipped around and smashed it in THEIR face. 🙂

    so many good memories.


  • Anonymous

    I love how she has cake on half the side of her face, I think that's something I'd do too haha. Such beautiful pictures!

  • Marli

    what an adorable couple!!! love the "cake faces." 😉

    we went bridemaid dress shopping today with my future sis-in-law and got into the "wedding fever." ;D this post reminded me of all the different dresses we saw brides trying on…


  • memory

    that last picture rocks my socks.

  • Elisha

    Your blog is cute cute cute!! Follow me??(:

  • Nicole

    Awesome shots & a cute couple.

    Check out mines sometime:

  • Catherine

    her HAT is adorable!!! how cute! 🙂

  • jalene

    were you there? how come you didn't come say hi?

  • Meg

    you're the best, best, best.

    so glad that you could come.

  • Unknown

    this is the cutest.

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