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breakfast date

we had a little breakfast date at magelby’s fresh the other morning, and oh  my, I’m in love! we ordered the cheapest thing on the menu – all you can eat pancakes and french toast. pretty sure I was in french toast and buttermilk syrup heaven. heaven! we have definetly awarded magebly’s fresh as the best (and cheapest!) breakfast in provo. mmmmmm.
p.s. to answer you questions: the red skinny jeans are from wet seal (the only place i could find them!)
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Alexa Zurcher




  • Amira

    Okay, seriously what camera do you use and what settings? I have the Canon Rebel Ti and I need to take a class or something so I can figure out how to use it!

  • Gentri

    I've never eaten there. How sad!
    Ps I featured your chairs on my blog today!

  • jessica

    Sounds delicious. And cheap meals are always good!

  • ★ JASMINE ★

    Just saw your blog on another ladies blog! Wanted to say hello and say i'm your newest follower <3

    ….would love it if you followed me back as well!


  • Abby

    even after pigging out you guys are adorable! French toast is sooo yummy – nom nom!! xx

  • Nicole

    what the heck. how did i forget for two seconds how superlyduperly cool your blog is?! lamesauce me.

    you guys are so adorable for words. amen and amen.


  • deb

    I mean really. You guys are too cute.

  • Alana Christine

    Just found your blog and am loving it! You are too cute for words! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by:

  • Lara

    Today I discovered your blog. And I love it. It is so very very lovely.

  • Jacqlyn

    breakfast is my favorite part of the day! cute pictures (:

  • Jenna // The Life of the Wife

    How did you write such a cute post about breakfast?! I loved it!

    I'm so happy I found your blog through Lindsays Sponsor Swap! I'm in good company 🙂


  • -Courtney Lane- {blog}

    Going out to breakfast is my FAVORITE. 🙂 I would do it everyday if I could. Super cute post!

    Courtney Lane

  • Kristin

    you guys are too cute!

  • memory

    i heart your outfit, lex!

  • Lena

    You love breakfast, you're wedding was absolutely adorable, AND you have sweet teeth?! There's no possible way that you are anything but fabulous! So excited that I stumbled across your blog.

  • Lena

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