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went for a walk

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Alexa Zurcher




  • katilda

    i absolutely love this! what great photos.

  • Amy

    One of your greatest talents, since you were a little, little girl, is seeing the beauty everywhere you go. Hence, your amazing photograhpy. You are so blessed! Love you. xoxoxoxo

  • Erin Estella

    i love nature. i love your pictures.

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    These pictures are amazing!

  • a home in the yellow wood

    just came upon your blog and im glad 🙂 great photos!
    i just started a blog with my love

    love, evelyn

  • Alexis

    you are quite talented my dear!

  • Kandice Breinholt

    oh my goodness. i love these pictures. i'd totally frame them and be their proud owners. THAT'S HOW MUCH 😀

  • Piril Maria

    What camera and lens did you use? Oh such an amazing photo the last one is. =)

    Please do tell. And also, if u used any actions to edit.

    Dying to know.

  • Kenzie

    These are beautiful pictures! 🙂
    Okay, so I just found your blog and I seriously love it. Really. Your photos are so great and you and your hubby are adorable. and… it's pretty cool your from St. Geezy. (i am too.) 😉
    Anyways, Have a happy new year! I'm looking forward to more posts on your blog! 🙂

  • Kaylie

    BEAUtiful!!! By the way ignore that email I sent you! I figured both questions I asked you out;) ha ha. I love your blog

  • katherine

    i love that quote.

  • Bri Lamkin

    These are so pretty. I love looking at your photos: you know how to use a camera. 🙂

  • Mary Lynn

    i love everything about this post. beautiful photos!

  • Hollie Ann

    soooo beautiful!!!

  • Lindsay Nicole

    I love this! These pictures are amazing. Happy New Year!

    PS Let me know if you want to do a button sponsor swap for the month of January!


  • jessica

    Wow, love everything about this! There is so much beauty here and it is amazing that you are able to find it and photograph it.

    Just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Your images are amazing!

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