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2011 in review

a few favorite highlights from this past year:
january – kicked off the new year with a trip to the cabin with our dear friends, introduced b to the blogging worldwatched kenz in peter pan, went ring shopping and celebrated with dinner.
DSCN6606 - CopyIMG_0727copy (copy)
february was a month of excitement – i had my first taste of crab, ate a fancy meal at the roof, celebrated our first valentines day, b had a chat with my dad,  and wa la, we were engaged!

IMG_0020 (2)IMG_0098copy - CopyIMG_9871copyIMG_0348COPYIMG_0360COPYIMG_0401COPYIMG_0535copyIMG_1510copy
march – we had a few warm days and picnics, started the crazy wedding planning, and went country dancing.

april – we had engagements taken, spent a weekend in washington for lisa’s wedding and put on our dancing shoes, and b’s parents flew in from new york for easter.

lex&brian-engagments-188fourth of july022IMG_4601IMG_4391copyIMG_4946IMG_5668
may – started purchasing furniture for our apartment, enjoyed 2 lovely bridal showers, painted and sanded more furniture than we bargained for, had my dress altered, and shopped till we about dropped.

IMG_3968 copybrian, lex 122brian, lex 134
june – we took a trip to st. george with a pitt stop in scipio, floated down the virgin river, sent out wedding invites galore, partied at lagoon for b’s 28th birthday with the fam, I went through the st. george temple for my first time, then had an open house, moved into our apartment, and partied it up at the hotel the night before the wedding.

P6100116IMG_2333 copyP6100123
IMG_1459 copyIMG_1467 copyIMG_1469 copyIMG_2706 copy - CopyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
IMG_4084copyIMG_4108 copyIMG_4110 copyIMG_4281 copyIMG_4541 copy
IMG_1641IMG_1722IMG_1725IMG_4996 copyIMG_5008 copyIMG_5057 copy
july – we sealed the deal and it was the happiest day of my life,  partied it up at the reception, then headed out of the country for a week in paradise. i finally got a stamp in my passport, we settled into our apartment, had a little “oh-crap-we-could-be-preggers-with-a-honeymoon-baby-scare-but-no-worries-it’s-just-the-birth-control-messing-with-my-system” moment (tmi?), and celebrated the fact that we were finally hitched!

lex&brian-weddingday-126lex&brian-weddingday-870lex&brian-weddingday-996lex&brian-weddingday-443lex&brian-weddingday-822lex&brian-weddingday-1267IMG_6004 copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         IMG_5630 copyIMG_5869 copyIMG_6177 copy
august – took our first camping trip, traveled back to new york, I started school, and we had way too much fun cooking in our teeny kitchen.

IMG_6800 copyIMG_6948 copyIMG_3730 copyIMG_3742 copy
september – my third semester of school was in full swing, zac got baptized, my mama came for a little visit. we shopped, shopped, and oh yeah, shopped, this time not for wedding supplies!

IMG_3835 copyIMG_3860 copy16
october – my old blog crashed, i gave you a tour of our new apartment, we attempted to make caramel apples and failed, carved some pumpkins, and took a romantic weekend away.

IMG_8023 copy_thumbIMG_8142

november – i turned 20! b spoiled me silly, our car broke died, and we celebrated thanksgiving with the family.

1 (2)IMG_8416 copy43934
december – we bought our first christmas tree and purchased a newish car. we made oreo shakes, I made it through finals, we sent out our christmas card via the blog,  it finally snowed, and we had our first christmas together.

11IMG_7292 copyBlog Photo16
2011 was a wonderful year. Here’s to 2012!
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  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Holy cow this is amazing. You take gorgeous photos!

    Thank you so much for linking up 🙂

  • larajanepark

    Love your summary of 2011! What a nice way to re-cap after the sad loss of the photos on your other blog. You're a sweetie and I'd like you to re-design my blog. I'll pay you $100. When you have the chance, and if you have time. Otherwise, I know someone else who will do it for that 🙂
    I'd rather have you do it! You're so artistic!

  • Unknown

    Wow! You guys had one crazy year! I love it! And I totally had that birth control moment! Then I stopped taking it cuz it messed so much with me and now we really are preggers! Hahahaha I love your pictures! They are stunning!

  • Taylor D.

    I love this! First year of marriage, just fun exciting things to remember! I definitely need to do this! 2011 was a very very good year.

  • Corina

    I have been loving that yellow dresser ever since seeing your apartment tour. I can't believe you painted that! I love love love it!

  • -Courtney Lane- {blog}

    So many great pictures! Looks like an amazing year! Also…I'm a big fan of your blog banner. 🙂 New follower for suuure.

    Courtney Lane

  • Dani

    Oh my goodness, I can't handle how adorable this post is. I love your pictures. All of them. You officially have a brand new follower. Looks like your 2011 was full of happy moments, I hope 2012 is just as full!

  • Alexis

    this is so cute. your so cute.

    p.s i tried posting your add to my blog. i don't know if its my blog but the cute photo wasn't showing up..

  • Abby

    you guys are seriously the cutest. I love it!
    Your year was cray-cray but it looks like it was so much fun!! xx

  • whit | Black Little Button blog

    This is a great post! Just found your blog, and consider me a new follower. I'd love if you'd come check out my blog as well, we got married in 2011 as well! 🙂

  • Erin Estella

    2011 was a terrific year. 🙂

  • Hannah Joy

    I FREAKING LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! So cute! After I got done reading this post, I thought to myself, "I want to be a cute little wifey like Lex!"

  • Kendra

    Looks like 2011 was a great year for you two! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings your way 🙂

  • Jessica

    What a great year! By the way I LOVE all the yellow you had in your wedding! Especially the chevron print…it's my favorite!

  • Bailey McCammon

    you two are simply lovely.
    your blog is too cute!

  • Ashlee

    I just love your blog!! It is always so cute. I always enjoy reading it. Pretty sure I look at it more than twice a day..haha So you could probably say I'm one of your biggest creeper fans lol!!!

  • Mindee

    Ahh I LOVE your blog girl! I loved all your pics and your 2011 review. I seriously feel like i know you after reading all that, haha. You are so dang cute and Im a new followers for sure!

  • Marli

    have i ever told y'all that y'all are TOO CA-UTE?! there. for the 100th time. ;D hehe!


  • Nicole

    pretty much UH-dore this entire post. wow. all your amazing moments are photographed so beautifully. cheers for being awesome.

    and ps your ring is tadiefor!


  • Anonymous

    I love this year in review! I was following on my old blog for sometime and as soon as I switched over I knew I had to follow you again! 🙂 All your photographs are amazing!

  • Lindsay Nicole

    I love this post! Looks like an amazing year! Love the pics!

    Let me know if you want to do a sponsor swap for the month of January!


  • jessica

    I love your summary of 2011. Looks like you had so many exciting times! I got married this year too, that definitely makes it one of my favorite years ever! 🙂

    I said this in another post, but your images are all awesome. I love that you are able to capture you and your hubby's love. It's so sweet! I'm definitely a new follower!

  • Katie

    What a cute little blog you have here. I love your year in review and all the pictures you have to go along with it!

    I hope when I'm married someday I can capture these special moments like you do 🙂 ALL of your pictures are great!

    It looks like you had a great year and you and your husband look so happy to be together, it's nice to know that love still exist.

    New follower for sure!

  • Steve and Nicole

    So cute and perfect! Looks like you had an amazing year 🙂

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