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I cannot get over how perfect our little christmas was. we decided since we had just visited our families in new york and st. george that we would have our own little christmas, just the two of us. we started our own little traditions and had a fun (reaaaaaal fun….) weekend together. we had pizza for christmas eve dinner, watched “while you were sleeping,” opened pajamas, and totally slept in on christmas morning. we enjoyed cinnamon rolls for breakfast, opened stockings and presents, attended church, skyped with family, and had christmas dinner with b’s brother travis. we consumed way too much ice cream, pie, ribs, mashed potatoes, cheese, and every other delicious food you can imagine. we were spoiled silly. our first christmas in our little apartment was a success!
Alexa Zurcher




  • stephanie hammer

    you guys are so cute. i wish my house was decorate as cute as yours! (but our kitchen sinks match..?) merry christmas!

  • memory

    oh how fun. the food looks good enough to eat right off the screen! love the red bow in your hair.

  • Amy

    This post makes me SO happy! I love all of your traditions and the huge amount of LOVE you can feel in every single picture! I love you two so very much and am so happy you had such a great Christmas together!!! Ummm, can Brian make ribs for us this weekend?? We'll buy? He cooks? Spenc and Erin can do dishes? Deal? xoxoxoxoxo mama

  • larajanepark

    Love your first Christmas post!!! After seeing the pictures, I know JUST what to give you two as a *late* wedding gift now 🙂 We love you so much! xoxoxox

  • ConnieB

    Oh my gosh we share so many traditions! Pizza for Christmas Eve, cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast… looks like we know holiday food! hehe (:

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Looks like the best 1st Christmas together ever! Happy New Year!

  • lauren brimley

    Um. That pizza looks so good. Kill me.

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