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some crafty ryan gossling

i’m dying right now.
ryan 6
Alexa Zurcher




  • Eryka

    these are my fave!

  • Sierra @ Sierra's View


  • Catherine

    i love him so much. and these pictures. i am dying of laughter. hahahahahaha

  • larajanepark

    This is hilarious!!!Noah is my true love ideal xoxox

  • ConnieB

    Bahaha! Not kidding, I was rocking my baby to sleep and read this- and laughed out loud and woke him up. LOL Thank you for this.

  • Bethany G

    Haa these are so funny!

  • memory

    i am wanting to burst out the giggles but i'm afraid if i do someone will ask me what i'm laughing about…they'd just never understand (;

  • Maddi

    hahahah these are hilarious. The best part is he made them himself right?! 😉

  • sydney gillman

    ha ha ha ha. i love all of these. there are so many of them all over the place, but these ones are especially great.

  • Abby

    HAHA hilarious this is classic, he is also all so sexy!! xx

  • Bri Lamkin

    Hey, Gentri introduced me to your bloggy. I am glad. You and your man are super cute. Also, the first picture of ryan gosling made me spit when I started laughing.

  • jessica

    Haha. These seriously had me cracking up. Perfect.

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