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snow day in the culdesac

today was the first real-ish snow day! ok, ok, it’s already melting, but it did stick to the ground long enough for me snap a few photos. i figure that until we have little zurchlings of our own*, i’ll just document all my cute little neighbors. their parents don’t mind (right? right!). i really do have the greatest neighbors. they love bringing over cookies (hint, hint**), hold craft nights, give me rides to school, and let me chase around their kiddos. hooray for the culdesac!
*don’t have a heart attack mom, no zurchlings anytime soon. this is not a hint.
**i’m really just kidding about the cookies guys. kinda.
***MIA today: hadley and violet.
snow 1snow2
Alexa Zurcher




  • memory

    could they make kids any cuter?

  • Marli

    yay! i LOVE snow, although, we haven't had any and i highly doubt we will get any around these parts. :/ loved to see that you were able to enjoy it!

  • P

    this is so cute lex! sounds like the ill have to come visit you at your cute leetle apartment! haha love it!*

    *and you of course :);
    … 2.5 more months!!! 😀

  • Steve and Nicole

    I know exactly the morning you're talking about! I rushed our one year old out the door ha ha

    Cute cute pictures! You need to have a little baby so you can take amazing pictures of them 🙂

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