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day of rest



this is what our morning looked like and will probably continue through the rest of the day. boo for sick bugs and both of us catching it. hooray for antibiotics, meds, top ramen, and lounging around on the couch.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Marli

    aw man. being sick is no fun. 🙁 i hope y'all are feeling chipper again really soon!

  • Berkley Anne Sumner

    Lex! You poor thing, you have been getting sick so much! Get better soon Girly!

  • Cindy and Jordan

    sorry you don't feel well :/ I'm home too ugh. Feel better!

  • Unknown

    Feel better soon!!

  • deb

    Something must be going around the cul de sac. I am home too. Feel better!

  • Danielle and Trev

    We are having the same kind of day!! Ugh. Good luck. I hope tomorrow is better!!

  • Abby

    At least you guys are sick together, and still update the cutest blog ever! Feel better soon xox

  • Cambria

    Only you would make getting sick look cute and maybe even a little fun hahaha 🙂 hope you guys get feeling better!

  • Eryka

    I love your photos. You always have the best photos!

  • memory

    being sick is no fun but sounds like y'all know how to turn a sick day around and make it into a enjoyable one.(:

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