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life according to my iphone

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:: bright rainboots on rainy days :: freshly baked cookies, mmm :: painting up a storm :: cupcakes with miss halie :: gearing up for christmas :: sweet notes from the hubs :: late night snacks :: goodbye fall :: colorful banners :: cold autumny-winter days :: new kitchen shades ::

Alexa Zurcher




  • memory

    i love life from iphone pictures… especially yours! that cupcake looks soooo yuuuuumy. that note from your man is TOO sweet and fun. i want your pink polka dot boots! πŸ™‚
    happy monday, friend!
    p.s. you are so super cute

  • Cambria

    Soo cute! πŸ™‚ I love your style! I know this is really random…but how do you get your pictures right next to eachother?? hahaha

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Beautiful pics! I especially love the leaf one and the one with you and all that sunshine.

  • Amy

    Mmmmmm, are those gingersnaps hot out of the oven?? Love to see all of the pictures – you look gorgeous, love notes from your husband are priceless, your kitchen shades are to die for cute, and late night snacks as delicious as that?? Looks like things are going good. Love you and miss you. Can't wait to see you both next weekend!!! Yea for Thanksgiving!

  • Kendra

    Mmm, there's nothing better than a Wendy's chocolate shake countered by a salty fry πŸ™‚

  • Andy

    okay really? you make me want to be married. this blog is too cute.

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