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a day late

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-peeing in a cup and trying not to get it on your hand. awwwwkwwwarddd.

-waking up at four in the morning, half-awake, stumbling into the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of apple juice and drinking it at the table while eating candy corns. whhhat?

-then, waking up at six to brian yelling: “ahhhhhhhh!!!” pretty sure i had half a million thoughts about creepers-in-our-house-stealing-all-our-junk-while-dressed-in-black-and-just-standing-in-our-room-all-creepy-like. no worries, there weren’t any creepers in our life, just a dream about falling off a cliff.

-when my neighbors spot me in my window eavesdropping on their conversations and arguments. ooops. 🙂



-a day of skipping out on real life to hang with my mama! yay for visitors!

-potstickers from costco. could they be any more amazing??

-one of my professors in my honors class hands out our midterm: “now class, we’re going to take the next five to ten minutes to look over the test. don’t start on it yet. if you’re confused on any of the problems, let’s review them.” then proceeded to give us the answers to the problems we didn’t know. win.

-retail therapy. enough said.

-craft night with all the ladies in my cul-de-sac. finished project coming soon!

-fall is here! now that we got past last week that felt freakishly like winter, we’re back to the right season!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Eryka

    haha i love this post.

    i so have cray cray dreams like that too. my husband thinks im nuts. haha.

    have a good day girlie!

  • memory

    um this is hilarious. i love these! i can just picture the evasdropping:) unfortanutely, i can't do that around here because our nearest neighbor is about a mile away {hey, no complaints from me tho. i love it!}.

  • Carey Family of Four

    Awkward! ummm peeing in a cup? why are you peeing in a cup!?! are you still having issues with your overflowing potty? funny girl. I love these blogs.

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