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Zac’s Big Day

yes, this post is over a month late, but i figured my mama would like to see some pictures 🙂 over labor day weekend, my littlest brother zac got baptized. it was such a fun weekend and gorgeous weather! brian taught my grandma how to play angry birds – that was a sight to see! i mowed the lawn for the first time (yes, the first time! sad i know) my mom made the cutest video for zac, with a bunch of pictures of him since he was wee little. pretty much adorable. zac’s baptism was absolutely perfect and told us after that his insides felt like they were “sizzling” when he got baptized, and when he was confirmed they “sizzled” even more. this boy knows how to make me tear up, he’s so cute! thanks to my party-planning mama, we had a delicious dinner and dessert with all our family. ok, really the only other “family” who was there was my grandparents, but we consider all our close friends and neighbors who came family. 🙂 the weekend may have ended up with me on the couch with a kidney infection – no bueno. besides the latter, the weekend was absolutely perfect!
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Alexa Zurcher




  • Whim Wham Life

    Awww, what a handsome little man he is:-) Such sweet family time! No beuno with the whole kidney infection though! Hope you are feeling better! eeek! xoxo

  • Amy

    Love these pics! I hadn't seen any of them yet. Such a fun weekend. I am sooo glad B took you to the dr that night so you could start your medicine all the sooner. Those kinds of infections are icky! Can't wait until our secret partying comes up….soon, soon, soon! 😉 Actually, sooner than most people know. ha. love ya kid!

  • Unknown

    what a fun time! You and your hubby are such a cute couple!

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