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sunday night in black and white.

nutella peanut butter icecream is delightful. our hair is rather lovely from our four hour sunday night. and yes, we are indeed crazy.

IMG_3688 copyIMG_3684 copy

 IMG_3689 copy


 IMG_3699 copy  IMG_3707 copy

 IMG_3695 copy

IMG_3715 copy

 IMG_3724 copy

 IMG_3727 copy

 IMG_3730 copy

 IMG_3734 copy

 IMG_3736 copybw

 IMG_3742 copy

 IMG_3753 copy

 IMG_3798 copyIMG_3816 copy

IMG_3783 copy

   IMG_3809 copy  IMG_3828 copy

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kristina Clemens

    Oh. My.Goodness. My husband and I love, love, love Nutella too! These images are so fun…=)
    Kristina J.

  • Amy

    Looks like you two are just as crazy fun as always. Glad to see married life agrees with you two so well 😉 Always loos like a par-tay over there.

  • Steve and Nicole

    You two are so cute! I love your pictures….also I was looking through your blog and saw your love story, i swear I didn't copy! I'm a total country music fan and I copied it from a song…still copying I guess 🙂 Seriously you have some talent with photography!

    You guys look like fun!

  • brooke elyse

    Too cute- such a fun Sunday night!
    (I miss your music tab from your old blog)

  • Kirithinks

    seriously? you have an ice cream maker? sooo jealous!

  • Kelli DeGrazier

    These are really cute pictures!!! and that looks SOOOO good!!!!

  • Alexis

    i love this. i love this SO much 🙂

  • Erin Estella

    okay. what's up with nutella. people these days. like 90% of pins on pinterest are related to nutella. oh man. don't eat too much.

  • Erin Estella

    besides the nutella.. you and brian make me want to get married so bad! you have so much fun and are so in LOVE! wouldn't it be nice if i were older.. then i wouldn't have to wait so long..

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