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I figured since it’s fall now (well today it felt a whole lot like winter, boohoo for the cold weather. yay for trench coats and beanies) I should probably make a little to-do list for this season. If I don’t have it in a list, I’ll never remember to do it! I probably get this from my mama, growing up she had dozens of lists covering the counter. Considering that I’m her little mini-me, I do the same thing. There are lists plastering our fridge, calendar, and my planner. Here’s to all things festive this season! 
Alexa Zurcher




  • Steve and Nicole

    You are so sweet! And can I just tell you that I really do love your blog. Are you a graphic designer or something? Everything just looks so clean and pretty. You are so talented…and beautiful too! šŸ™‚

  • Amy

    Your lists are a lot more fun than my lists!!! I need to learn from YOU that's for sure! šŸ˜‰ love ya, mama

  • Kelli DeGrazier

    This makes me happy : ) I want to do all of these things too : )

  • meg.

    & a double date with mckay & meg.

  • Carey Family of Four

    Shall we have a pumpkin carving day?

  • Piril Maria

    Looks like a fun list for fall indeed =)
    Lovely blog, followed. And maybe youll visit me someday.

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