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the apartment

i figured it was about time i showed you our little place. we absolutely love it. slowly, we have unpacked boxes and boxes, and then packed up all those boxes with all our extra junk to donate to DI. As you scroll through the pictures, you’ll notice that most of our newly acquired junk comes from ikea, and no, we are not advertising for them. As for a color scheme, there really isn’t one. Once upon a time I had one, but it just morphed into whatever I deemed cute and necessary. 🙂 Without further ado, welcome to our home!
living room
our living room is quite cozy and i love our fireplace, even if it doesn’t work. we have a huge window that looks over our cute little culdesac. the big chair in the corner is my favorite to curl up on with a blanket and a book….and maybe some cookies too! sometimes i’m a little like monica from friends, there are certain things that have to be “just so,” like the remotes for the tv and playstation. they have to be in alphabetical order. weird? oh yeah.
IMG_2341 copyIMG_2339 copy
IMG_2353 copy
IMG_2257 copy IMG_2261 copy
 IMG_2267 copy IMG_2320 copy
     IMG_2373 copy
 dinign room
the dining room is one of my favorite rooms, its so colorful! monica’s kitchen table was the inspiration for ours. we bought the table for $25 on KSL and refinished it (what a chore!), and purchased all the chairs at DI for $10 each. The yellow dresser was also purchased second hand and it serves it’s purpose as extra storage. the drawers are stuffed with extra pots and pans, camping gear, coupons, and other randomness.  and yes, kramer does hang on our wall in the dining room. 🙂
IMG_2332 copy  IMG_2329 copy2
IMG_2273 copy
 IMG_2275 copyIMG_2269 copy
 IMG_2325 copy
   IMG_2270 copyIMG_2358 copy
our kitchen just makes me laugh. first, our apartments were built a long time ago, so we have really ugly dark brown cabinets. it also serves as our laundry room. don’t worry, we think it’s odd too! i call it our dollhouse kitchen, because everything is so miniature! the cupboards are so small cereal boxes can’t even fit in them! most the time we use the washer and dryer as counter space because well, there really isn’t much! the sink is half the size of a regular one, and if you turn on the garbage disposal you are at risk for getting hit in the face with water. hee hee. we love it though. we’ve had many water fights, mushroom and spatula baseball games, and dinners gone wrong in this little kitchen.
IMG_2417 copy  IMG_2409 copy
 IMG_2245 copyIMG_2247 copy
 IMG_2419 copy
 IMG_2283 copyIMG_2253 copy
 IMG_2250 copyIMG_2256 copy
 IMG_2367 copy IMG_2413 copy
the studio is my man’s room. complete with too many guitars to count, a drum set, keyboard, microphones, and more equipment than i know what to do with. husband is quite the talented man. and in fact, he’s in a band. swoon. the little red chair, i picked that one out. for cute. we technically share the desk that’s shoved in the closet for extra space, and i’ve completely taken over the shelf on top with all my craft goods.
 IMG_2309 copy IMG_2314 copy
IMG_2311 copy IMG_2317 copy
teeny tiny. yellow linoleum. temperamental toilet. that pretty much describes our bathroom. i’m in love with our striped shower curtain and overjoyed that we have a bathtub so i can spend hours reading magazines and devouring chocolate icecream while sitting in suds.
IMG_2400 copyIMG_2404 copy
IMG_2402 copy
i love our bedroom. we got all our furniture at rc willey’s for a dang good deal. and that mirror? ikea baby! complete with love notes, a closet that is 98% mine, 2% his, and my laundry all over the floor (not pictured).
 IMG_2293 copy
for those of you who are wondering, the letters above the bed were custom made by a friend of mine and given to us as a wedding gift. i’m trying to convince her to sell them. they’re just too darn cute!
 IMG_2301 copy IMG_2395 copy
  IMG_2397 copy
Now, come one, come all! We need some real visitors! I promise a real tour and freshly baked brownie cookies 🙂
xoxo, lex
Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashlee

    Oh my you're apartment is absolutely darling i love it 🙂 I might be coming to you for ideas for ours haha!!

  • Alexis

    so so so so so SO adorable. you kill me alexa. your so darn darling. ha. i love the pictures in the bathroom. hahaha. and that note from your darling hubby? so precious. i love you guys 🙂

  • Eryka

    i love your apartment. im soo jealous of all your cute pictures on the walls, and while im on the walls. youre soo lucky you have real walls. we havve stupid wood paneling i hate it!!! 🙂

  • Leslie

    please tell me you really have a kramer portrait. that is awesome #SeinfeldNerd

  • Laura Nelson

    You have such a cute and cozy home! I love love the Kramer painting!!!

  • Steve and Nicole

    Too cute!! seriously, you made it look so home-y.

  • Eliesa

    OH. dear goodness! The blog, the house… you are just the greatest little designer. Help!? haha.

  • sydney gillman

    well this is seriously the most picture perfect home ever ever. your love is seriously adorable.
    i may or may not be slightly jealous. 🙂

  • Amy

    I've been dying for you to start your new blog! Thank you for making my day. I absolutely love all of the artwork, photography, crafts, decorations and love you have put into your darling little home. It is perfectly you, and I am so glad you have mr. perfect brian to share it all with. You two are my favorite. That's all. Except that I love you both. Times a million trillion. Love, mama

  • Timber

    I love your apartment! And I love that it doesn't have a color scheme! Its just bright, fun, and happy!

  • Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party)

    could your place be ANY cuter?! P.S. We have a music room/studio like that as well. I think our husbands might have a lot in common! haha

  • Taylor D.

    yay new blogs!!! I love this!! You really have an adorable blog. And an adorable life!!

  • Mary Dawn

    ummm. i'm moving in. is that cool? you're amazing. i'll pay you to decorate my apartment when the time comes.

  • Sarah

    your house is so awesome! I'm going to need you to come decorate mine immediately. ha ha seriously love your style.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  • Kirstie and Michael

    So I pretty much am jealous of your decorating abilities!

  • his little lady

    what?? your place is absolutely stunning! i'm completely obsessed with all the little details, especially kramer!
    xo TJ

  • Kjerstn LaFontaine

    I love your apartment! you made it look so CUTE!

  • Desi

    you're apartment is absolutely adorable 🙂
    and so are you!

  • ::The Beetle Shack::

    Awesome place! Love the yellow side board!

    What a beautiful home AND blog you have here!

    xo em

  • tifsong

    i love your home! it is PERFECT. 🙂

  • memory

    this is. so. cute.
    no, adorable.
    it's pure awesome!
    y'all are such a cute couple! i'm so excited to have found your blog hunn:)
    xo, mem

  • Cambria

    SOOOOO CUTE! 🙂 I am in love with your new blog and your cute apartment! 🙂 I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing girl! I love the way you decorated, and I love the feeling I get from looking at your blog. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Sister Megan Nielson

    Wow. This is the most perfect apartment I've ever seen. This is what I think of when I think of newly weds. 🙂 Sooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    your apartment is so cute! you did such a great job decorating!

  • Claire

    I love the XOXO kitchen art – did you make that is or is there a free printable somewhere?!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    claire! it's from vol25, i love her work!

  • Doni

    Your place is too cute!! Do you mind telling me where you got the letters in your bedroom? 🙂

  • Alexa Zurcher

    a friend made them for us as a wedding gift! i told her she needs to open up a shop and sell them!

  • Doni

    They're awesome! 🙂

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