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awkward/awesome thursdays.




-having a rudolph the red nose reindeer nose. thank you giant zit. i feel like i’m twelve again.

-not knowing what name to write on my papers. some classes know that i’m alexa zurcher, others my maiden name. in church i’m sister zurcher, to the bank ms. call. one day i should probably change them all and figure it out. seriously, i’m having an identity crisis!

-did i mention that i was four days late last month? yes, four whole days. we may have been freaking out wondering if any zurchlings were in the very near future. but alas, we still have plenty of time till cute little chubbers come our way. whew.

-sulking in iggy’s watching the game, and being surrounded by drunk, happy utes fans. perhaps it wasn’t awkward, but more disappointing for blue and white fans like us.



-whole day of classes cancelled? yes please. that will always be awesome.

-buying my history paper and writing the analysis the day before the due date. then returning the book of course. yay for being a dedicated student.

-having leftover pizza and hot dogs for dinner……for a whole week! ok, maybe it’s not so awesome. husband pretends it is awesome, just to make me feel better about not being the sterotypical food-on-the-table-when-hubs-walks-in-the-door-the-house-is-always-clean-and-never-have-to-wash-the-laundry-five-times-when-it-gets-left-in-the-washer wifey wife.

-but to make up for that, i have dinner cookin in the kitchen. woo!

-husband’s playing his guitar right now. hot.

-caramels, candy corn, and pumpkins are here! welcome fall 🙂


{p.s. remember tomorrow is the last day to enter the giveway!}

Alexa Zurcher



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