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awkward/awesome thursday, almost friday :)



-you know that most annoying ringtone on your phone? that’s what i have set for 2:30pm everyday, to remind me to take my birth control (no little zurchlings yet). pretty sure it sounded like an alien invasion as it went off during sunday school last week. *slowly sunk in my seat*

-husband’s phone started making noises right after mine did. pretty sure they’re going to kick us out of sunday school.

-forgetting that, due to this incredibly wonderful weather, everyone in the neighborhood keeps their windows open. and can hear everything from inside our apartment. oooops.

-finding out that i’ve been walking up campus (darn those stairs) and missing two busses in the time doing so, when my classroom is probably twenty steps from the lower campus bus stop. b laughed, hard, when i finally came to realization.

-slyly glancing at the woman’s texts as she sat next to me on the bus. i had a freak out moment (literally) when i couldn’t understand any of the words she was typing. then i realized, it was in a different language. don’t worry guys, i can still read english.

this country song. really? rap mixed with country doesn’t work people.


-seeing bill nye the science guy (bill! bill! bill!) he was so cute in his red bow tie. pretty sure all my childhood dreams came true.

-playing betty/martha/wifey this week.  i actually cooked dinner and it wasn’t even boxed mashed potatoes or chinese takeout. andddd, i made pumpkin bread. did i mention, i didn’t burn anything?  nope. nothing. nada.

-my husband promised to give me guitar lessons this weekend. after we go to sushi of course. (shhhhh, he doesn’t know it yet 🙂

-movie marathons while hanging in our undies and eating an entire box of pizza. mmm, mmm.

it’s almost friday! wooohooo. p.s. check back tomorrow, i have a surprise in store for you, my dear readers. 🙂


Alexa Zurcher



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