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awkward/awesome thursday. a day late.


-These crazy dreams nightmares I keep having about being forced to go back to single’s ward. Seriously, it’s freaking me out.

-Speaking of single’s ward, I keep seeing these people that I knew from my ward last year. So I wave. And they all give me that who-the-heck-are-you-you-kinda-look-familiar-but-not-really-so-I’m-going-to-give-you-a-weird-fake-smile-and-walk-away look

Buying four books and spending over four hundred and fifty dollars. And that’s not even half of what I need.

-When we are doing the dishes and our kitchen sink starts filling up, we turn our garbage disposal on. Water seriously shoots up. I had it hit my face once. Gross.

-I’m crossing the street to where my bus is parked and it closes it’s doors and starts to drive away. So I run, sprint, whatever you want to call it, really fast to catch up with that dang bus. Oh, and I was yelling. While panting. Attractive, right? The bus driver looks in his rearview mirror with his beady eyes, laughs, and keeps driving. Ok, maybe he didn’t laugh. But I swear he saw me.  Defeated, I turned around to a huge group of people looking at me like whoa, you crazy, outta-shape lady.

– I was trained to teach water aerobics the other day. Pretty sure these senior ladies, who are triple my age, kicked my butt. I’m actually sore today.

– We can’t send out mail through our mailbox. Oh, we can get mail, but we can’t send it. It’s a sad, pathetic joke! If you want to send our mail, you have to drive a few blocks on University to get the the post office. It’s a good thing I just hop the fence and use the other apartment complex’s mailbox.

-When you are standing in the bathroom of our apartment and the people below us are in the bathroom also, you can hear everything that is going on down there. Literally, everything. Yesterday while I was getting ready I heard their kids blowing bubbles in the bathtub, the dad hollering at those kiddos to get out, and…other things…



– Picnics on our front lawn. I love our little culdesac. And our cute little neighbors that let me borrow their kids when I’m feeling particularly baby hungry.

– During the first week of school, the bookstore has buckets of candy and apples, for students, for free. Then random clubs hand out popcorn and other free food. Needless to say, I’ve had my breakfast and lunch covered for a week!

– My brother gave me and B Rascal Flatts Tickets as a wedding gift (squeal!),  and B agreed to go, even though he hates country. Aww.

– Since being on birth control, my tots have grown a whole size. I had to go bra shopping. Too much information? Sorry. Being particularly small chested before and having no hope whatsoever, this is quite a miracle. Quite awesome.

– My history class was cancelled for a week, for no particular reason. When asked what we should do over the “break,” our professor answered with well, you can read if you want, but we’ll really start the book next week. Same day my ethics and values class was cancelled for the time being due to technical difficulties with the computer. One class all day? I’ll take it.

– 4 days into the semester, I’ve already reverted back to my sweats and tennies.

– We’re leaving for St. George in approximately eight hours. Zac’s baptism, photo shoots, and lots and lots of family time. Wooo!

Alexa Zurcher



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