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a camping we will go

and a camping we went. oh my, we had a blast. at the first campsite i saw a snake. we immediately high-tailed it back to the car in search of a new site. we’re both a little squeamish when it comes to snakes. ew. the second campsite was perfect minus the non existent picnic table. (we forgot our camping chairs. oh and cups. genius.) we had little squirrel friends visit us a breakfast and my darling husband cooked us some smoked pork. heaven. we may have had some coke for every meal (addicts? perhaps) and went on an amazing hike. i was huffing and puffing the whole way (out of shape? oh yeah. but we’ll blame it on elevation). the s’mores are always my favorite part. reeses, kitkats, cookies and cream bars, and extra large marshmallows. mmm, mmm, mmm.

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Alexa Zurcher



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