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::we’ve been super busy with work and unpacking! (i’m going to use that as my excuse as to why i’m a terrible blogger) and yes, our apartment is still filled with boxes and piles in the corner (and i swear the piles are growing!) one day we’ll invite you all over, it these boxes ever disappear.

::at work i always people watch. the joy of being a lifeguard is that i actually get paid to do it. while sitting in my chair one day, i began watching one family. the mom was popping the zits off the dad’s back and then wiping the puss with their daughter’s swim dress. ew. ew. ew.

::i revamped my photog blog. take a looksie here.

::our new ward is wonderful. our neighbors are wonderful. everyone is incredibly friendly and welcoming. the only bad thing: everybody has a baby. it’s basically impossible to not be completely baby hungry by the time relief society is over. i’m hoping we get a primary or nursery calling so i can get my baby fix every week. (**no, this is not any sort of hint or announcement. no little zurchlings for us for a long time)

::our dear friends pat and carli have moved! we already miss them and baby alex like crazy. trip to florida soon? i think so!

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::i’m loving this summer rain. every day when the thunder and lightning rolls in, i sit on my front porch and watch our little culdesac fill with water.

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::speaking of water, our bathroom floor was covered in it yesterday. our toilet overflowed five times. five. ewww. this morning when it actually flushed, we both stared at it with our mouths open. seriously.

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::after filling two carts with goodies at walmart, we’re fully equipped for our little camping trip this weekend. s’mores, chili dogs, card games, we got it. hope you all enjoy your weekend (and last few days of july! where did the month go??)
Alexa Zurcher



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