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our house in the middle of the street

we are so in love with our new apartment. it’s not completely decorated yet, and heavens, we’re not even close to being unpacked, but i thought i would give you a brief tour of the new place. one day the frames will be filled, pillows will be sewn, and curtains will be hung, but until then, here’s a sneak peek!

 IMG_3803 copy IMG_3809 copy

IMG_3883 copyIMG_3806 copy

IMG_3804 copy

IMG_3907 copyIMG_3852 copy

we have a fireplace. how cozy is that?

IMG_3865 copy

brian’s oh so large tv. hook up the computer to it and blog/facebook stalking gets 500 times better!

 IMG_3902 copyIMG_3913 copy

and our teensy tiny kitchen.

we love our home sweet home.

Alexa Zurcher



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