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honeymoon: part I

we’re backkkk! two tired and sunburned newlyweds. 🙂 how was our trip? super. duper. awesome. we went to breezes bahamas (an all inclusive resort) and lounged by the beach and poolside grill all day long, sipped more (virgin) pina coladas than i can even count, ate ice cream at every meal (maybe that was just me), and had the time of our lives. and gosh, we love, love, love being married.  please enjoy the first round of pictures (don’t worry, there’s lots more to come 🙂
IMG_5548 copyIMG_5550 copy
IMG_5630 copyIMG_5591 copy
IMG_5557 copy
 IMG_5572 copyIMG_5563 copy
IMG_5564 copy
 IMG_5672 copy IMG_5683 copy
IMG_5689 copy
IMG_5723 copy IMG_5727 copy
IMG_5662 copy
 IMG_5796 copy IMG_5799 copy copy
  IMG_6004 copy
IMG_5842 copyIMG_5837 copy
IMG_5847 copy
IMG_5818 copyIMG_5812 copy
IMG_6000 copyIMG_5862 copy
IMG_5869 copyIMG_5870 copy
IMG_5999 copy
the mrs.
(and mr too!)
Alexa Zurcher




  • H-Nelly

    Oh my goodness, you two are so perfect together! Seriously, can I be as cute as you guys when I get married? Well, until then, I hope you don't mind that this 17 year old girl vicariously stalks your blog! (:


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