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he and i

day one:

he [and nate] were grilling food. kenz and i were dipping our feet in the pool.

they invited us to share their leftovers. i fell in love with his cooking and blue eyes.


day five:

he gave me his phone number. 

i was beyond delighted.


day twenty six:

our first date. he fed me my favorite food,

let me win/cheat at miniature golf, and held my hand while we star gazed.


day twenty eight:

he cooked me dinner.

we kissed. i couldn’t stop smiling.


day sixty nine:

our fourth [official] date.

we tried to find a place to demolish our pumpkins

after a halloween party.

the cops came. he got arrested

for unremembered tickets.


day eighty five:

st. george for good weather and meeting the family.

i threw up all over the car [and chris]

he cleaned it up

and held my hand all the way home.


day one hundred seventeen:

three magical words were spoken.

he said them first,

then i.


day one hundred seventy seven:

he put a ring on it.


day two hundred fifty three:

at eleven o’clock

i’m marrying my best friend and partner in crime.

he  made me smile day one and hasn’t stopped since.

here’s to our happily ever after.



Alexa Zurcher




  • madison avenue

    that is so cute! hes definitely a keeper if he can clean up your throw up! haha. you guys look cute together 🙂

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